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TIBCO Spotfire S+  Comprehensive Feature List

S Programming Language

The award-winning S programming language is at the core of Spotfire S+. The only language created specifically for exploratory data analysis and statistical modeling, the S programming language allows you to create statistical applications up to five times faster than with other languages.

S+ Workbench Development Environment

Rapidly create reliable statistical applications with this integrated development environment for S programmers.

Graphical User Interface

A convenient window-based GUI puts common tasks at your fingertips with easy-to-use menus and dialogs

Scalable Pipeline Architecture

Scale statistical applications to gigabytes of data without the need for additional RAM or 64-bit architectures with this library of data types and functions for programming with large data sets.

Graphical Functions

Explore data and create custom charts with this library of graphical functions in the S language


S-PLUSis an open system, designed to integrate with the systems you already have.

Data and graphics formats

APIs and system interfaces

Statistical & Numerical Techniques

S-PLUSis the most comprehensive statistical analysis package available, and includes all of the following capabilities:

Basic Statistics

Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals


Analysis of Variance

Nonlinear Regression and Maximum Likelihood

Nonparametric Regression

Tree Models

Correlated Data Analysis


Multivariate Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Quality Control

Power and Sample Size

Survival Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Robust Statistics

Missing Data

Date, Time, and Calendar Data

Mathematical Computations

Additional Libraries

Libraries from Insightful Research and the S-PLUSuser community offer additional capabilities

Add-On Modules

Optional modules add additional capabilities to S-PLUS:

Supported Platforms

� Windows Only


Feature List


Time Series Tools

Econometric Estimation

Complex Dynamic Models



Feature List

Optimization Problems Solved

Optimization Methods

SIMPLE: A set of classes for defining optimization problems

S - Plus SeqTrial

Feature List

Improved Study Design

Comprehensive Design and Evaluation Tools

Completely Extensible

Flexible Monitoring Methods

Easily Analyze and Interpret Your Results

Easy to Learn

Advanced Visualization Tools

Powerful Validation Techniques

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