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Transform From Release3:

A different value proposition We took a different approach altogether, Now you can benefit from this difference.....

Consider the application that's served you years of business critical functions. With the amount of time and cost spent on building and customizing the application, re-writing the application or throwing it away in favor of an off-the-shelf product sometimes may not make sense.

Customers evaluating options to migrate their application look for specific value in available choices. Many a times migration products come short of their promises and customer expectations.

This happens typically when one or more of the following are true:

That is, if you don't have the right migration tools available to you.

If you've thought of any of the above, then look at TRANSFORM Forms to Java migration toolkit and what it offers you differently, and you will quickly figure out why you need it, and what value it serves to you.

TransForm from Release3 was meant to be different

Our toolkit was specifically designed for customers looking for:

A migration that can be performed quickly, cleanly and without unwanted headaches

An easily customizable toolkit that can be tailored to their specific application (if needed), within a short period of time

Why TransForm From Release3?

What We Do

What We Don't Do

With TransForm From Release3, we wanted to...

Don't get us wrong.....We love Oracle Forms too much. But as Oracle themselves slowly move towards Java as a development environment of choice, there is a subtle declaration for Oracle Forms to be outdated. Even OC4J which we loved is slowly getting evolved into BEA Weblogic server from ver. 11.

We decided early enough to ensure that our product take benefit of the new BEA Weblogic environment, and then extended our thoughts towards open source Java. As a result, we offer that choice of being able to deploy the Java applications on any Java Application Server. Be it OC4J or Weblogic or any other Java application server, the generated code will fit.

Oracle Forms have extended the power of rapid application development for years together. And so when we planned our tool, we realized that we had to bring the same advantages to Java development first. So we created the Grid, LOV, Master-detail components and then the panels and container, Coupled it with preferences and security, and voila we had the success formula ready.

Next, we focussed on creating the migration proces which would be simple and meant for Forms developers. Something that they could relate with and use, since they have the functional skills and knowledge of the PL/SQL code in the application. We created TransForm From Release3 in such a manner that Forms developers are completely at ease with the migration UI, process and naming conventions.

To allow customers to be able to take advantage of technologies of their choice, TransForm from Release3 - Oracle Forms to Java Migration Toolkit was created to be different. Thanks to mainly our our customers who helped us to think outside the box......

And We are glad we did.....because now, with TransForm from Release3, we can offer an unparalleled value proposition, with a choice.....

Transform Benefits:

Cost Effective

Move PL/SQL logic to the DB packages

A Complete, Comprehensive migration solution

Easy to use, manage migrations

Generate Rich Interface Applications by default

Open Source J2EE

Migration Process:

Process of Migration :



Migration Steps:

Migration Overview:


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