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Globalization Through Localization

In today’s era of globalization every organization tends to become a global market leader to increase its presence across the globe and off course for the increased profit margins. But


Evolution of Translation Services – Primitive Age, Middle Age and Modern Age

There is only one thing which is constant and that is “change”. Everything in this universe keeps on changing and new concepts evolve to make things better, so is the


Does Human Translation still have an edge over Machine Translation ?

Now a days organizations are striving for quick language conversion in no time but that will merely be a conversion of one language to another. But do you think the

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Webinar Mailer Final

60 Min for learning SP [Stochastic Programming/ Scenario Planning] models using Excel Add-in

Web Application Development

xampp lamp wamp

XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP for Web Application Development

For open source web application development, an apposite environment which includes web server, data base, and scripting engine or programming language parser is the backbone for the project life cycle.