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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Mobile App Development


Hybrid VS Native Mobile Apps

In an age where you can find a mobile app for every single purpose, the selection of an appropriate mobile app development platform becomes quiet crucial from business point of

Vehicle Telematics


Drones, IoT and Telematics: Technologies for Smart Transportation and Logistics

Logistics and its management has always been crucial to the infrastructural and economic progress in India. Basically, it is the process of goods flow management between the two nodal points,

Mobile App Development


B2C, B2B & B2E Mobile Apps. What is Your Business Landscape?

Accordingly to flurry analytics, 65% of the population use smartphones while standing in the grocery shops or in the market and Rest 35% of the population use smart phones during

Internet Of Things


Top 7 Apps For iWatch – Which way you are thinking to target your niche customers?

The much-awaited iWatch is finally here and tech-totalers all over the world are elated with it. The sleek and sophisticated Apple Watch has brought an entire bandwagon of intriguing apps



Pivotal Role of Localization in Internationalization

Globalization is the pulse of a thriving business that has aligned itself to the path of worldwide success. The two main components of globalization are – localization and internationalization. These