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google allo

Google Allo – A New Smart Messaging App!

Social Media is a highly competitive space. Day after day, more people are pledging their addiction to social media thus giving a ray of hope for tech giants and innovators

Digital Marketing


Be Future Ready: Follow These Social Media Trends

Social networks have been around for only a decade or so but given their immense popularity, it is hard to imagine a day without them. Social Media has penetrated deep



Common Localization Mistakes That Are A Business Spoiler!

Translation, a part of Localization is a technical job and requires a professional with requisite skills to execute the responsibilities. A professional translator is well equipped with the goods and

Web, CMS & E-commerce

E-Commerce Tips

Enhance Your Sales with These Effective E-Commerce Tips

Online businesses are making merry in this digital era. One primary reason being the ease of trading offered under its fold. E-Commerce offers that perfect landscape for businesses to flourish


Experts for Localization

5 Traits to Consider While Hiring Translation Experts for Localization

Localization is an important part of any business expansion especially in the unfamiliar lands. When you are all set to go big with your localization plans in a new country,