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Crystal Ball 11.1.2 Features & Benefits
Monte Carlo Simulation Does: Calculates multiple scenarios of a spreadsheet model automatically
  Benefits: Frees users from the constraints of estimates and best-guess values
Distribution Gallery Does: Provides an intuitive interface for selecting model input variables; includes 16 discrete and continuous distributions plus custom distribution
  Benefits: Simplifies the quantifying of risk, means you don't have to enter the distribution formula into Excel
Categories of Distributions Does: Create predefined distributions, modify your existing distributions and organize them using custom categories
  Benefits: Create your own library of distributions, organized in categories. Re-use distributions from one project to the next
Publish and Subscribe Feature for Categories Does: Publish categories and share with many users
  Benefits: Work as a team sharing models and data to get your work done faster
Process Capability Features Does: Define spec limits (LSL, USL and Target) in your forecasts, calculate capability metrics and view simulation results and metrics together in one split-view chart.
  Benefits: With capability metrics in Crystal Ball you simplify your workflow and better integrate simulation into your Six Sigma and Quality methodology
Forecast Charts Does: Graphically display simulation results and statistics
  Benefits: Allows users to track and analyze thousands of possible outcomes; charts are interactive
Split-View charts Does: View forecast charts, descriptive statistics and capability metrics side-by-side on the same chart. Enable up to 6 charts and tables in one view
  Benefits: One chart tells the whole story
Sensitivity and Tornado Analyses Does: Two separate methods for identifying the most critical model input variables
  Benefits: Enable users to focus on high-risk model input variables
Distribution Fitting Does: Uses historical data for defining assumptions
  Benefits: Allows users to customize model input variables based on real-world results
Correlation Does: Models dependencies between uncertain input variables
  Benefits: Provides more accurate modeling and forecasting
Charting and Reporting Does: Automates report generation, includes the ability to overlay forecasts and to project trends through time
  Benefits: Creates clear analysis and presentation of all forecasts, improves communication with colleagues, management, and clients
Precision Control Does: Provides advanced simulation capabilities
  Benefits: Increases simulation accuracy and flexibility; saves time
Latin Hypercube Sampling Does: Alternative simulation method to Monte Carlo
  Benefits: Samples regularly across distribution, excellent for simulations with restriction on number of trials
Data extraction Does: Exports data from Crystal Ball memory
  Benefits: Allows users to examine individual simulation results and transfer results to other software programs
CB Tools Does: Macro-driven tools that use Crystal Ball; Includes scenario analysis, decision table, tornado chart, correlation matrices, 2D-simulation, batch fit, and boot strap
  Benefits: Automates modeling processes with effortless and powerful tools
Microsoft Certification Does: Certified Excel macro provider
  Benefits: Eliminates security concerns

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