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Oracle Decision Optimizer

Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer is the simplest and most complete tool for Monte-Carlo simulations, time-series forecasting and constraints-based optimization for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and models.


Crystal Ball automatically calculates thousands of dCrystal Ball  different "what if" cases, saving the inputs and results of each calculation as individual scenarios. Analysis of these scenarios reveals the range of possible outcomes, their probability of occurring, which input has the most effect on your model and where you should focus your efforts.

Key Features:

Furthermore, with the Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer you can use data from a variety of sources, including your ERP, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, etc. to :-.

More Features:



OptQuest is an optimization tool that runs with Crystal Ball. As an add-in to Crystal Ball, OptQuest enhances simulation models by automatically searching for and finding optimal solutions. At the basic level, OptQuest selects a value for each decision variable, enters those values into your spreadsheet, runs a Monte Carlo simulation on the spreadsheet, records the results, and repeats the process.

With OptQuest, you can determine the best combination of decision variables that yields the results you are seeking!


With unprecedented speed in spreadsheet simulation and optimisation, Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer quickly solves almost any problem where uncertainty and variability distort spreadsheet forecasts. Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer extends the ability of Crystal Ball with a dramatic increase in simulation speed - up to 100 times faster than normal. How Fast Is Extreme Speed? To select Extreme Speed: from the Run Preferences menu, simply select the Extreme speed mode to run your simulations up to 100 times faster than normal. So fast, in fact, we put in a Demo speed mode, which runs simulations in "slow-motion" to make it easier to watch values change in spreadsheet cells and charts. Great for presentations or for teaching! Normal and Demo speed are available in Crystal Ball, but Extreme Speed is only available in Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer and is the default speed mode.
Crystal Ball + Decision Optimizers' extreme speed is 100 times faster than the Standard Edition because of the integration of PSI Technology.

Example Model Normal Speed (seconds) Extreme Speed* (seconds) Improvement
(times faster)
Cell Phone.xls 103.47 3.11 33.2
Cost Estimation.xls 122.50 3.00 40.8
Critical Path.xls 736.36 7.73 95.3
DCF Analysis.xls 159.47 5.64 28.3
Drill Bit Replacement.xls 63.87 3.32 19.2
Futura Apartments.xls 154.26 3.28 47.1
Groundwater Cleanup.xls 286.20 5.67 50.5
Hidden Factory.xls 173.48 6.41 27.0
Inventory System.xls 414.98 199.37 2.1
Multi-Zone Reserves.xls 68.01 7.26 9.4
Oil Field Development.xls 88.38 7.64 11.6
Piston Displacement.xls 354.77 3.25 109.3
Portfolio Allocation.xls 90.20 3.09 29.2
Product Forecasting.xls 180.59 4.23 42.6
Product Launch.xls 744.73 13.38 55.7
Product Mix.xls 154.01 4.61 33.4
Project Cost Estimation.xls 101.70 3.58 28.4
Project Selection.xls 200.69 5.02 40.0
Reliability.xls 88.79 3.91 22.7
Return on Investment.xls 446.36 82.95 5.4
Sales Projection.xls 165.95 5.30 31.3
Simulation with DoE.xls 1732.80 3.30 525.6
Tolerance Analysis.xls 1156.46 4.05 285.8
Toxic Waste Site.xls 151.15 3.14 48.1
Vision Research.xls 86.11 3.02 28.6

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