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Feature List - Optimization Modeling Tools

Enhancements to LINDO API 9.0

LINDO Systems has begun shipping a new release of LINDO API that includes new features to allow users to incorporate uncertainty into their optimization models. LINDO API 9.0 also includes enhancements to the linear, integer and global solvers.

New Stochastic Programming Interface

Statistical Sampling API

MIP Solver Improvements

Global Solver Improvements

LINGO 15.0 Enhancements

LINDO Systems is proud to iLINGO 15.0 Enhancementsties for handling optimization models with uncertainty, a number of solver performance enhancements, and improved charting capabilities.

Support of Chance-Constrained Programs:

In chance-constrained programming (CCP), one or more sets of constraints are allowed to be violated with a specified probability. CCP is useful when certain resources or demands are random. A solution that satisfies all possible outcomes can be prohibitively expensive, or even impossible. Allowing certain constraints to be violated with low probability can be a reasonable and practical strategy.

Stochastic Solver Improvements:

New Probability Distributions:

Over 65 new functions related to the PDF, CDF and inverse CDF of probability distributions.

MIP Solver Improvements:

Specify Variable Branching Priority:

You may now use the @PRIORITY function to specify a branching priority for integer variables.

Global Solver Improvements:

Improved Charting Feature: The charting capability has been extensively updated:

Permuted Matrix Displays: :

You may now choose to have a model's underlying matrix displayed in permuted format, where the rows and columns are automatically permuted to place the matrix into mostly lower-triangular form. If a matrix is mostly lower triangular, then, in general, the model should prove easier to solve. This is opposed to a model that contains a high degree of simultaneity that can't be permuted into lower triangular form.

New LINGO Programming Interface Functions:

The LINGO API supports new function calls for retrieving variable values on the fly in the callback function, as well as a function to load a license directly from a string. Improved Model Encryption: In the past, LINGO has allowed API users to encrypt a model using the HIDE command. The encryption algorithm has been significantly strengthened, and encrypted model fragments may also be merged into a single model at runtime.

More File Types Supported/MPI Translator:

Models stored in LINDO System's low level MPI format may now be loaded into LINGO and automatically translated into high level LINGO syntax.

What'sBest! 13.0 Enhancements

What'sBest! 13.0 incorporates several enhancements including improved handling of optimization models that incorporate uncertainty, a number of solver enhancements, and expanded function support.

Stochastic Solver Improvements:

MIP Solver Improvements:

Global Solver Improvements:

Support of Additional Excel's Functions

Support has been added for the array function MMULT as well as several additional Cumulative Distribution and Probability Density functions.

New Tool to Help Translate Models

A feature has been added to assist you in translating models set up for competing optimization solvers working in Excel into a format you can use with What'sBest! Solver Suite - 3 in 1 package only for academics

Solver Suite

Day in and day out, LINDO systems optimizers provide critical answers to thousands of businesses around the world. Now, our three most popular packages have been bundled together to give you the most powerful and comprehensive set of tools for learning and applying mathematical programming.

LINDO API - Premier Optimization Engine

The Optimization Standard LINDO has been consistently chosen as the most popular modeling and optimization software for both instruction and research. It is our most traditional package for solving linear, integer and quadratic optimization models. Models are expressed in a simple, straight forward equation style. LINDO offers a comprehensive set of tools for studying the inner working of the revised Simplex Method, as well as advanced features for goal programming and parametric analysis.

LINGO Modeling Environment and Solver

Modeling Environment and Solver LINGO combines a full featured modeling environment with a set of solvers for linear, integer, and nonlinear models. Beginning models will appreciate the easy, natural style of model expression and the comfortable windows interface. Power modelers will love the option to use the advance modeling language, library of mathematical functions, & the ability to read data from external files and spreadsheets.

What's Best! - The Spreadsheet Solver

What'sBest! solves linear, nonlinear, and integer models in today's most popular tool for modeling business problems--the spreadsheet. What'sBest! is a natural extension of Microsoft Excel, allowing spreadsheet users to begin optimization modeling almost immediately. Models are easy to build and understand in a free form layout using standard spreadsheet equations.

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