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S-PLUS  - Exploratory Data Analysis


TIBCO Spotfire S+

The practice of using analytics across all functional areas of the business enterprise is recognized as a key competitive advantage by market leaders across all industries.� While any company can look at the simple statistics of its day-to-day operations, industry leaders are utilizing predictive analytics to identify or create and exploit their advantages in operations, customer management, production and research.� That is why market leaders around the world use S-PLUS.

S-PLUS 8.2 continues to deliver the advantages of an open architecture, scalability and flexibility to integrate advanced analytics into your everyday business processes.� Superior graphic output and the ability to employ cutting edge statistics ensure you are armed with the knowledge to act at every critical decision point and clearly communicate to all audiences regardless of their level of technical expertise.

TIBCO Spotfire S+ enables statisticians and developers to create enterprise-class analytic applications and easily deploy them to business users, researchers, analysts, and other nontechnical audiences. Spotfire S+ is the only statistical programming platform that delivers a fully integrated development environment, a commercially supported analytic packaging system and the ability to scale your desktop to manipulate gigabyte class data sets.

Spotfire S+ 8.2 Features

Compatibility with 64-bit platforms:Spotfire S+ is now compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 that enable quick perform large analyses entirely in memory. In addition with 64-bit support ,the performance of very large analyses leveraging the Spotfire S+ Big Data Library by enabling larger chunks of data can be handled.

Matrix operations with greater speed:Matrix operations, which suggest many common statistical methods, are much faster in Spotfire S+ 8.2 —based on initial customer feedback up to 40x faster than in previous versions.

Deployment made easier and more secure

Introduction of New Statistics Services View in Spotfire S+ Workbench: The new Statistics Services View enables to deploy packages and data files easily and securely to a server from the Spotfire S+ Workbench.

Enhanced Spotfire Integration for rich visualization:The statistical power of Spotfire S+ and R is now combined with the interactive visualization and application deployment capabilities of the TIBCO Spotfire. Important meta data are also handled efficient when moving between applications

Updated Spotfire S+ Workbench: The Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Spotfire S+ Workbench, for developing and debugging S+ code is now updated to the latest version of the Eclipse framework to work between multiple platforms (Unix, Linux, and 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows) with more ease and efficacy

Enhancements in compatibility with R Compatibility: This version includes improved compatibility with R, making it easier to migrate packages from R to Spotfire S+ and easier to write scripts compatible with both Spotfire S+ and R.

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With Spotfire S+:


Streamlining Development of Statistical Applications: Combining the most comprehensive library of statistical and mathematical algorithms available with a cross-platform IDE, Spotfire S+ is your best choice for creating, managing and deploying predictive analytics and reporting solutions.

Unlimited Scalability: Stream large data sets to analyze gigabytes of data on existing hardware without the need for additional RAM or for 64-bit operating systems.

Providing Enterprise-Wide Access to Analytics: Create statistical methods on the desktop, then deploy to the Spotfire S+ Server for reuse across your organization. Deliver your results and reports across your enterprise, within the TIBCO Spotfire platform or in other business applications.


On The Shoulders of Giants: As the exclusive licensee of the ground-breaking S language, Spotfire S+ is the most flexible statistical programming platform commercially available. S+ developers can create new applications up to five times faster than with competing commercial systems.

Enhanced Development Tools: Spotfire S+ includes the S+ Workbench, an integrated development environment designed to enable development teams to create rigorous applications faster than ever before. Based on the industry-standard Eclipse™ framework, the S+ Workbench provides a syntax-aware code editor, tools for project and task management, code validation debugging and profiling.

Managing Large Projects: Integration with standard source control systems means the S+ Workbench allows development teams to reliably manage large projects when developing applications for integration within business processes. With the Spotfire S+ Package System you can deliver a complete analytic package with instructions, comments and data set definitions to ensure that your colleagues are receiving the right results without any second-guessing or lost time in redundant information exchange.


Access to Industry-Standard Data Sources: Spotfire S+ includes extensive data access capabilities, allowing for both interactive and scripted ETL from a variety of industry-standard data sources, including: ODBC, JDBC, SAS data files, other flat files and numerous native database drivers.

Dimension Reduction and Model Scoring: Focus data consumers on relevant data by reducing data dimensionality, or by augmenting data with the results of a model calculation.

Automated ETL for Data Preprocessing: Deploy data transformation processes to Spotfire S+ Server for scheduled batch execution, or triggered on-demand by data updates.


Interactive Graphics: Spotfire S+ provides an interactive graphics system with a large and normalized palette for the creation of statistical charts to exacting, pixel-perfect specifications.

Customized, Automated Reports: XML and RTF reporting libraries speed development of customized reports incorporating statistical tables and publication-quality graphics.

Share Information Easily: Integration with popular desktop publishing tools ensures that end users can view and share analytic graphics in the format they use most.

New Features in S-PLUS

The S-PLUS Workbench enhancements: Building on our success with the 7.0 release we have added new capabilities to speed your development efforts and improve the quality of your code.

With the enhanced S-PLUSWorkbench, you can create reliable statistical applications for deployment across the enterprise with greater speed than ever before.

New graphic enhancements: Already a leading platform for graphics creation and delivery, in version 8 we have included a larger and normalized color palette as well as simplifying the code necessary to deliver complex graphs and charts. Whether you are creating graphics for submission to a regulatory agency, distributing to a group of executive decision-makers, or creating for publication, S-PLUS 8 Enterprise Developer makes this task easier and more time efficient.

New S-PLUSPackage System: With published packages available S-PLUS 8 Enterprise Developer provides a convenient framework for creating and distributing libraries for S-PLUSand for converting R packages for use in S-PLUS.

S� language extensions: Over one hundred new functions have been added in order to support the graphics enhancements, S-PLUSPackage System and to augment compatibility with S-PLUSopen source cousin; R. Types of functions that have been added include math, character, file manipulation and string manipulation.

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