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CB 7.3 Premium Edition

Oracle Crystal Ball 11 Premium Edition

Oracle Crystal Ball 11 Premium Edition is the most complete suite of risk analysis, forecasting, optimization and real options analysis tools available for your spreadsheets. With one integrated toolset, you can use your own historical data to build accurate models, automate "what if analysis" to understand the effect of underlying uncertainty, apply real options theory to enhance the value of each project by incorporating strategic flexibility in decision making, and search for the best solution or project mix.

And now, Oracle Crystal Ball 11 makes it even easier to add scalable methods for collaborating and sharing models and data. It also includes improved reports, charts and graphs that let you vividly present and communicate the results of your analysis, and give you a credible picture of risk.

For Six Sigma applications, capabilities metrics calculated with the simulation results let you better integrate simulation and optimization into your methodology.

This software suite includes:

Crystal Ball Standard Edition - Monte Carlo simulation for spreadsheets. Quickly assign ranges of values to model inputs, automatically calculate ranges of forecasted outputs and their probabilities. Record the results for in-depth analysis or summarized reporting with Crystal Ball's many reports, charts and tools.

OptQuest® - automatically search for your optimal solution, accounting for uncertainty and constraints.

CB Predictor - analyzes your historical data to build the model, with time-series forecasting and multiple linear regression.

CB Tools - automate model building tasks, simulate variability, define correlations and perform additional functions.

Extreme Speed - run your simulations up to 100 times faster than normal.

Crystal Ball & CB Predictor Developer Kits - VBA customization tools.

Real Options Analysis Toolkit - options theory applied to management decision-making, in situations with high levels of uncertainty. Discounted cash flow analysis estimates a project's base value, accounting for the impact of negative risk. Add real options to account for the impact of positive uncertainty in estimating your project's value.

Risk Analysis Using Crystal Ball Training CD - interactive multimedia training CD guides the viewer through 15 units with software tips, application ideas, tests and exercises.

Textbooks (commercial version only)
Applied Risk Analysis : Moving Beyond Uncertainty in Business
Real Options Analysis: Tools and Techniques for Valuing Strategic Investments and Decisions.


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