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Application Areas & Industries

Application Areas Industries
Application Areas

Six Sigma & DFSS

Improving the bottom line results in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Service Organizations through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste.

Cost Estimation

Crystal Ball with Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, and forecasting tools when applied with advanced analytical techniques to new or existing spreadsheets to create more accurate cost and schedule predictions, better informed financial decisions can be made.

Forecasting - Business And Demand

In forecasting sales, market demand, commodity prices, or stock performance, account for the known uncertainty in the models is taken. Knowledge and the toolset make the difference between whether work will succeeds or fails. Crystal Ball software can help to find the specific solution.

Portfolio Allocation

Crystal Ball is the tool chosen by more than 85% of the Fortune 500 Companies, they rely on Crystal Ball to manage risk and make more informed business and strategic decisions. Common applications include the optimization of project and R&D portfolios, analysis of energy asset portfolios, and estimating loan portfolio funding options.

Real Options

Crystal Ball Toolkit, can be applied - options theory to management decision-making in situations with high levels of uncertainty. Discounted cash flow analysis estimates a project's base value, accounting for the impact of negative risk.

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)

Crystal Ball is particularly valuable in Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) practices, providing designers with easy access to simulation and optimization techniques that help them predict capability, pinpoint critical-to-quality factors, and explore design alternatives.


While analyzing promotional pricing impact, forecasting expected profit returns, modeling competitive pricing, optimizing a portfolio of marketing programs, or assessing the financial risks in new ventures and proposal, uncertainty is present. When uncertainty or variability increases, the results can include missed deadlines, escalating costs, and disappearing profits. Crystal Ball software can help to find the specific solution.

Project Management

Crystal Ball helps in better model projects and calculation of the related risks, also helps in better assessment of alternatives. It is used by financial analysts, marketers, product managers, and engineers.

Industries Area

Crystal Ball Academic Program

Crystal Ball software is one of the most recognized and popular software tools for introducing the concepts of simulation and risk analysis to students.



Primary Crystal Ball energy applications include analysis of trading issues and of wide variations in project to project costs, analyze new ventures, Determine lifecycle of current capital investments, risk in investments, evaluate commodity pricing proposals, predict petrochemical prices, supply/demand volumes, imports, exports, operating rates for plants, and portfolio optimization.

Environmental Engineering& Risk Assessment

Crystal Ball is useful for forecast uncertain results, and for Environmental geologists, cost engineers, environmental scientists, hydrogeologists, project managers to improve the quality of their decisions.


The rapidly fluctuating price of minerals, increasing competition, and volatile financial markets have placed the mining industry in a position of ever-increasing risk. With Crystal Ball, Increase in the efficiency of capital allocation, Gaining of better understanding of risk , Account for strategic flexibility in project valuations.


Crystal Ball is the useful tool to provide the best result in product valuation, portfolio optimization, licensing negotiations, or production forecasts etc, in this sector.

Financial Planning

Crystal Ball allows the user to use historical information to predict probabilities about investment returns. It is designed for both the statistician and the non-statistician.


Calculation of premiums, pricing policies, providing rate calculations, or researching appropriate ways to invest the company's assets, account for the known uncertainty is taken in models. No matter what risks one face, Crystal Ball software can help to find the specific solution.


Crystal Ball focuses on cost estimation, human health risk assessment, strategic resource allocation, or production forecasts and provides the reliable results.


One working on NPV analysis, operations management, supply chain forecasting, or product life cycle cost analysis and focuses on market analysis, process optimization, or production forecasts, Crystal Ball is the best tool for quality decision making.

Oil & Gas/Petroleum

Petroleum exploration deals with many unknowns, with high risk and uncertainty an inherent part of the oil and gas industry, Crystal ball helps in making more informed, lucrative decisions related to this and probabilistic reserves analysis, planning capital projects, preparing drilling AFE's, evaluating exploration opportunities etc.


Crystal Ball helps in preparing the final report reflecting only a single outcome based on best ability to interpret the uncertain elements in telecommunication model like - Product Forecasting, network Simulation model etc.

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