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CB in Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma Programs

Designing of an engine or perfecting a process, efficiency is key-and one rely on Lean Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma practice to get there. But if the base of the analysis is hard data-and not on the variation inherent in any manufacturing, engineering, or service process-the result will be only getting halfway there. Oracle's Crystal Ball takes the rest of the way, allowing one to use simulation, modeling, optimization, and forecasting to predict and reduce the effects of variation.

Crystal Ball in Six Sigma

As a suite of Microsoft Excel add-ins, Crystal Ball software works to turn existing engineering and process spreadsheet models into dynamic analytical tools that help in identifying and control the negative effects of variation throughout Six Sigma projects.

Six Sigma applications of Crystal Ball include -

Key Features

Key Benefits

Crystal Ball in Design for Six Sigma

Crystal Ball can be applied across an entire Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or DFSS project

Define - During project's initial phases, Crystal Ball help in understanding the potential impacts of variables. Before and when project begins, one can use Crystal Ball to -

Measure - Historical data can be used to quantify the performance of processes. Crystal Ball simulation is helpful in situations where data is infrequent, estimated, or costly to gather. Here, Crystal Ball can be used to -

Analyze - Using Crystal Ball tools one can discover and validate the underlying causes of waste and variation. Figure out which opportunities to pursue. Using Crystal Ball, one can analyze -

Improve / Design - By applying Crystal Ball analysis to Excel spreadsheets,one can virtually test the proposed process and design improvements.In the improvement phase, one can use Crystal Ball to

Control / Verify - areas needs to be identified that need improvement and areas in which improvements have already been made,Crystal Ball helps in doing both. Crystal Ball can be used to validate

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