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JMP Software Features

JMP, the original statistical discovery software, is visual, interactive, extensible and includes deep analytics. JMP is more powerful than ever with its 64-bit architecture. It's your analytic hub. All members of the JMP family share these same characteristics

Features :-

Dynamic data visualization and deep analytics on the desktop

JMP® is the SAS® software that links robust statistics with interactive graphics, in memory and on the desktop.

Efficiently import and process data

JMP can import data from popular file formats and locations. Once in a data table, JMP makes it easy to prepare data for analysis with a variety of tools for data processing.

Group and filter data with ease

Local Data Filter is a data filter that you can add to many platforms that lets you filter and focus on specific categories without disturbing the original data table

Data Visualization with JMP

Graph Builder includes a rich set of graph elements including Line of Fit (regression line), Density Ellipse, Violin Plot, Pie Chart, Shaded Area, Heatmap, Treemap, Caption Box and Function.

Make JMP® your own

It's easier to work productively if you can configure your software to work the way you think. Consistent settings, graph output and even color palettes mean fewer steps to understanding data. JMP gives you a comprehensive set of preferences that enable you to control fonts, graphic options and detailed settings within platforms.

In addition to customizing the look and feel of JMP according to your preferences, you also can choose to display only those analytic tools as well as menus you use routinely.

Quality and Reliability Analysis with JMP

Predict product reliability

JMP includes the following capabilities for reliability analysis:

Optimize quality and process engineering

Gain quick understanding of your complex process data with the drag-and-drop flexibility of the Control Chart Builder. Create natural groupings visually to spot patterns and solve problems

The Measurements Systems Analysis (MSA) platform provides an all-in-one method for assessing the variation in your measurement system and gauges.

Find the best fit

The Nonlinear platform has a powerful new way of fitting curved data without the need to pre-impute a formula or starting values. Simply select from one of the models in a rich library, which includes popular bioassay or pharmacokinetic models, and your data is fit automatically.

Use leading-edge tools for design of experiments

Evaluate Design platform lets you analyze any table treated as a design, change model and alias terms, and see updated diagnostics

JMP offers world-class capabilities for design of experiments.

Provide extensibility through scripting

Application Builder gives you a canvas to drag and drop visual features and analyses into and automatically creates a script to replay the creation

The debugger allows you to troubleshoot scripts, examine variables and determine exactly how a script is running

Your analytic hub

As a member of the SAS family, JMP offers a seamless interface to the unparalleled richness of SAS. The deep analytics, reporting and data management capabilities of SAS extend attributes of desktop JMP software to the server and beyond. You can also use JMP with other analytic tools, including the rich set of specialized libraries in R. JMP makes it easy to reach out to these resources and bring back results for dynamic data visualization and analysis.

With the JMP Add-In for Microsoft Excel, you can easily move data from Excel into JMP or bring the power of the JMP Profiler to your spreadsheet models, enhancing the data with the advantages of JMP visualization tools.

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