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Pareto Pro

Pareto Pro is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel 97 and later which allows you to View a PowerPoint demonstration here create Basic (single) and Advanced (multiple) Pareto charts. This software provides you with powerful tools to perform Pareto analysis, allowing you to easily slice and dice your data, quickly separating the vital few from the trivial many. Pareto Pro handles large data sets with ease accommodating up to 8000 unique items (levels) per category variable.

Key Benefits

Advanced Charts allow you to create multiple Pareto Charts

Consolidate multiple Counts on one chart with Advanced Charts

Basic Charts allow you to create a single Pareto Chart with ease

Chi-Square determines if there is a statistically significant relationship between two discrete variables.

EZ-Pivot simplifies the creation of Pivot tables and Charts.

Subset by Category, Number or Date

Advanced Pareto Charts

It shows Multiple Pareto Charts created using the Advanced Chart feature of Pareto Pro.
A selection (or all) of these charts can be copied to any Excel or Office report .

Basic Pareto Chart

Pareto Pro

It shows a Pareto Chart created using the Basic Chart feature of Pareto Pro.

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