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Network Analysis Tool

Next Generation Micro-Analytical Network Analysis Tool

An Overview of the Sidra Intersection:

Sidra Intersection is next generation micro-analytical tool with major new features including LANE-BASED NETWORK modeling for network analysis incorporating all types of intersection- signals, roundabouts, sign control in one network.

Sidra Intersection allows modeling of separate Movement classes with different vehicles distinctive features. These manoeuvre can be assign to designated lanes, lane segments and signal phases.

An Overview of the Sidra Intersection:

Sidra Trip 1.1

SIDRA TRIP 1.1 is a software for vehicle trip assessment utilizing GPS Data and for quick analysis of current traffic condition. Trip 1.1 is very useful for transport managers to compare travel conditions on alternative routes, for traffic engineers and planners to assess network traffic performance, and for educators, to teach about vehicle movements and traffic performance.

Easy analysis using Sidra Trip:Travel data collected using GPS units – Data can be easily imported using different data format* into SIDRA TRIP to get faster results.Quick scenario analysis– By simply specifying initial and final speeds to represent vehicle movements.

Sidra Trip 1.1 features :

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