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View a PowerPoint demonstration here Introducing SigmaXL Version 7; a powerful but easy to use Excel Add-In that will enable you to Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control your service, transactional, and manufacturing processes. This is the perfect tool for Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts, Quality and Business Professionals, Engineers, and Managers..

SigmaXL is a fraction of the cost of any major statistical product, yet it has all the functionality most professionals need

New Features Of SigmaXL V7

Following new statistical templates have been added:


The following statistical templates have been updated:

Now due to the color coded feature indicating "Reject" or "Fail to Reject", it is much more easier to interpret the Null Hypothesis.

SigmaXL V7 is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013, 32 and 64 bit versions and Mac Excel 2011. Included are additional Six Sigma DMAIC templates, a DMAIC Menu option and a Control Chart Selection Tool to simplify the selection of SPC charts.Sigma XL

Delivery time deviation

Comparison chart of Sigma XL and Pareto Pro

Feature SigmaXL Pareto Pro
Recall Last Dialog X X
Activate Last Worksheet X X
Category Subset X X
Numerical Subset X X
Date Subset X X
Random Subset X X
Transpose Data X X
Stack Subgroups across Rows X X
Stack and Unstack Columns X X
Normal Random Number Generator X  
Box-Cox Transformation X  
Excel Worksheet Calculators & Templates X  
Basic Pareto Chart X X
Advanced (Multiple) Pareto Charts X X
Run Charts X  
Basic Histogram X  
Multiple Histograms and Descriptive Statistics X  
Multiple Histograms and Process Capability X  
Multiple Dotplots X  
Multiple Boxplots X  
Multiple Normal Probability Plots X  
Multi-Vari Charts X  
Scatter Plots (with linear regression) X  
Scatter Plot Matrix X  
Descriptive Statistics X  
1 Sample t-test and confidence intervals X  
Paired t-test X  
2 Sample t-test X  
2 Sample comparisons tests X  
One-Way ANOVA and Means Matrix X  
Equal Variance Tests X  
Correlation Matrix X  
Multiple Linear Regression X  
Binary and Ordinal Logistic Regression X  
Chi-Square Test X X
Nonparametric Tests X  
Power and Sample Size X  
Measurement Systems Analysis X  
Process Capability X  
Control Charts X  
Reliability/Weibull Analysis X  
EZ-Pivot Utility X X

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