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Altair data analytics is all about giving you and your team transformation, insights, and confidence. It all starts with rethinking how insight is formed, minimizing time spent on repetitive chores like writing code. It is about transforming difficult data into smart data and translating insights into useful information. And it's about building confidence so you can make better judgments based on reliable facts. We as a trusted partner of Altair have helped our clients to understand and analyze big data opening up new opportunities.

Altair Product Offerings

Altair Knowledge Studio

Knowledge Studio is a market-leading, simple-to-use machine learning and predictive analytics tool that swiftly visualizes data while delivering easily interpretable results - all without requiring a single line of code. With features like AutoML and Explainable AI, Knowledge Studio adds transparency and automation to machine learning without limiting how models are created and modified, giving you control over model construction.

Altair Monarch

Monarch is the foremost desktop-based self-service data preparation product on the market. Monarch links to a variety of data sources, including structured and unstructured data, cloud data, and big data. No code is required to connect to data, cleanse, or manipulate data. Monarch is capable of swiftly converting various data types into rows and columns for use in data analytics.

Altair Smart Sight

Altair Smart Sight is a cloud-based analytics platform designed for embedded, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The platform, designed for an optimum self-service user experience, facilitates data visualization, exploration, and analysis. Increase the breadth of your analytics with embedded machine learning and deep learning capabilities that are accessible throughout your business from a centralized location.