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The digital transformation of active companies today is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Machine Learning capabilities for an enhanced experience. AI-enabled technology helps eliminate downtime and lets companies aim at higher complexity problems.

At Binary Semantics, we leverage AI and machine learning potential to bring speed, growth and performance in our ecosystem of cloud-based products adding value to the feature sets.

Streamline InsurTech Operations

  • Build client engagements with Intelligent Conversational AI chatbots & voice assistants.
  • Instantly deliver policy & claim updates via commonly used Messaging/Social Media Platforms.
  • Instant claim processing with AI-assisted insurance claiming software.
  • Convert potential leads into clients with AI-based lead capturing mechanisms.

Speed Up Fleet Operations

  • Optimized fleet routes delivered by AI software for efficient and quick trips.
  • Smart Analysis; identify potential fleet problems and resolve them beforehand.
  • Maintain excellent fleet vehicle health with Predictive Maintenance.
  • Real-time vehicle and driver Monitoring using AI software.

Automate Billing and GSTR Filing

  • Enhance cash flow and GST return filing with intelligent AI algorithms.
  • Analyze input tax credits and avoid penalties.
  • Smart & Hassle-free tax reconciliation.
  • Automate E-Way Billings