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Blackberry Application Development Services

Blackberry Mobile phones are one of the best smartphones with its widespread acceptance as Business Phone for personal and office planner. In one of the blackberry survey results cited in blog of, 33% of BlackBerry owners use their phones mostly or only for business purposes, compared with just 20% of all smartphone users. Also, BlackBerry was much more likely in 2 out of 3 cases to be the smartphone brand chosen by companies for their employees.

Our Capabilities: -

There are two different ways you can develop for Blackberry:-

  • Using Java Development Environment (JDE): The java environment is preferred when you want application to work independently from Blackberry solutions (BIS Blackberry Internet Services, BES Blackberry enterprise Service) to give rich user experience.
  • Using Mobile Data Service (MDS) Simulator: When you want to access the Blackberry Mobile Internet Services, then MDS is best suited for it. It will help your app to communicate with BIS, Email, other internet based services which require access to Blackberry backend to operate it.

Blackberry brings the revolution of development of utility based applications in Smartphone web sphere. The major feature in Blackberry platform is Real time Live Push alerts & its browser based rich internet architecture. Blackberry provides plug-in for java as well as MS Visual Studio development also. Blackberry development is possible on J2ME platform as well.

Black Berry:

Blackberry posses features to deliver power packed utility based applications to provide personnel digital assistance to users.


BlackBerry Java DE, Eclipse, BlackBerry Theme Studio


Java ME, BlackBerry SDK



Our Advantage:-
  • We have a team of highly professional and experienced Blackberry App Developers.
  • Proven capabilities and expertise in developing location based apps, social networking apps, entertainment apps, live streaming apps, utility apps and business applications
  • Necessary documentations, testing and quality analysis of the Blackberry applications.
  • Single stop solution for development and maintenance of application.

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