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Ever since the internet was created, the very nature of its existence was in a centralized manner. Now the trend of Web 3.0 is taking place to revolutionize the very existence of the internet. The future of cloud-based business will be fueled by the power of Blockchain’s decentralization.

We strongly believe that preparing for the future gives us better authority to create value and experience for our customers. As part of our Product and Solution roadmaps, we are focused on Identifying new initiatives and solutions where technology will help enhance, transform, and create trust.

Decentralized Blockchain Solutions as constituent of our Product Roadmap

Decentralized Logistics Systems

  • Latest blockchain systems enable logistics enterprises to take care of documentation using distributed ledgers, eliminating the necessity of physical paperwork. Use smart contracts, increase operational efficiency, and reduce processing time for goods/products.
  • Effectively record price, date, quality, standards, location, and certification of supply chain operations and bring transparency to clients and partners.
  • Logistics operations will become more secure, automated, and reliable with the latest gen Blockchain solutions.

GST Comply is an end-to-end automated solution that is designed by professionals for Secure Internet of Things and Fleet Telematics with Blockchain

  • Blockchain Solutions can help in transmitting IoT (Internet of Things) data signals to immutable Blockchain ledgers enhancing the security operability of businesses.
  • Trust and maintaining standardization throughout the fleet telematics operations.

Insurance and blockchain

  • Improve customer responsiveness by saving time, improving transparency, and reducing costs in the claims process
  • Usage of smart contracts to bring in accuracy, automation coupled with tamper proof audit trails. This can help bring down the fraud claims consequently brings down the cost of Insurance for end customers.
  • Help Transform the Customer KYC and Anti Money Laundering (AML) processes.

E-Billing and Invoicing using Blockchain

  • Decentralized digital billing and invoicing solutions can help enterprises validate transactions, issue invoices, and make digital payments through an immutable distributed ledger.
  • Blockchain-enabled finance businesses operate faster and more accurately using an automated compliance process that stores records on immutable ledgers.