Evolution of Translation Services – Primitive Age, Middle Age and Modern Age

There is only one thing which is constant and that is “change”. Everything in this universe keeps on changing and new concepts evolve to make things better, so is the concept of Translation. Translation is not the process to convert Source language into any Target locale only, it is an art in which a translator or linguist molds the Source language into a Target locale in such a way that makes it meaningful, creative, which gives translation a flair of its culture.

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 The existence of Translation took place way back in the time of Jewish culture, in which the Jewish scriptures were translated into Koine Greek. But in that era, Translation was done on materials such as – Wood barks, clothes, dried leaves etc. Gradually over a period of time, the means and methods of Translation changed. At the very beginning, Translation was required to understand the scriptures which were translated into Greek language. As the time progressed, Translation was widely used for various type of communications across different geographical regions.

Translation in different Era’s:


As we have already discussed above that the need of Translation came in picture at the time of Jews culture for the very first time in history of mankind. Jews required the translation of various scriptures in Greek language as they forgot their ancestral language. It is also been said that, in primitive age, had not translation been done into Greek language, the scriptures in ancestral language would have been a mystery and the whole culture would have been vanished.


During the middle age Translation took a rapid pace to create an easy way for commercial, diplomatic as well as administrative purposes. The invention of “Paper” was revolutionary which ultimately changed perception about the necessity of Translation altogether. The continuous use of paper for translation eased the movement and storage of the translated text. In that period of age, Translation grew at a very rapid pace globally.

During middle age, translation made the business possible to the different regions of the world. It became quite easy for businessmen as, with document translation services, they were able to communicate about their products more clearly and wisely. All this lead to the liberalization of the economy and commercialization of the whole world.


In modern age the Translation scenario has changed a lot. This is an era of electronic media where the whole world is connected through a common medium called as “Internet”. In this modern era, the computer and digital technologies have disrupted the ink age where largely the translation was done using pen and paper. The means and ways of Translation have changed a lot as now a days automatic algorithms are used to translate information, content, financial documents, legal documents, company agreements etc. within seconds. Moreover, the translation services are emerging in digital domain to carry out translation on content of websites, mobile devices, news blogs etc. In fact, the translation has become a full time service domain to help businesses associate and establish themselves as per local region.

No matter, how it has evolved over a period of time, translation services have helped the mankind to explore more territories, understand different cultures and work more closely keeping in mind the values of the locale.

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