Globalization Through Localization

In today’s era of globalization every organization tends to become a global market leader to increase its presence across the globe and off course for the increased profit margins. But before entering into any region, an organization needs to present its products, services etc. in such a way that the local people of that region should be able to understand completely without any ambiguity. Here comes into play the role of Localization in making an organization global.

global to local

Localization not only includes Translation but also the usage of local drawings, figures, colors etc. to give cultural flair and to make the local people understand and attract them. Suppose if an organization needs to advertise its products or services either by digital media or by distributing published pamphlets in China where the maximum population does not understand English language, organization would need to use the of the local language of China to make people understand.

Different ways of becoming global through Localization:

Use of Local languages – Even if an organization has implemented its best marketing strategy in making its products or services global across the globe but if it has not used the local language the chances of its failure are so high because the local people would not be aware about the products or services and ultimately they would not be attracted towards it.

Use of correct medium – Suppose if an organization needs to make rural people aware about its products or services the correct use of medium is very important. If on organization uses any digital marketing strategy like advertising on Internet about which the rural crowd is not aware, so the whole organization’s effort would go in vain. But the chances of success are higher if the advertising is done through local newspaper or any other local medium which is more commonly used in that area.

Correct narration in voice-over  –  When advertising is done in any region the correct and clear narration is quite necessary. Let us take an example, if in an advertisement an artist is used who is not very well aware about the common terminologies of that local area, local pronunciation the local crowd might not be able to get the complete information about the product or service. Whereas if an artist who is well aware about the above two major factors the success chances would increase subsequently.

Localization benefits in Globalization:

  • Effective communication.
  • Complete awareness among local crowd.
  • Global presence.
  • Increased market share.
  • Increased profit margin.

At last we can conclude that Localization plays a pivotal role in breaking all the cross borders limitations and making an organization global.

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