Grab the opportunity to get your app developed during the ‘Made in India’ trend

Though these are tough times, but it is hope which keeps us going. Coronavirus has been spread rapidly and has put significant stress on huge businesses and start-ups. And of course, investors are on an edge as valuations have come down drastically. In the times of lockdown, the entire world is taking a big step towards digitalization which has become the need of the hour. Hence with the lockdown going on and the ban of Chinese apps, it is the right time to uplift the traditional businesses and make them competent in terms of digitalization for a smoother process.

As we are all aware that 59 Chinese apps have been banned, with an optimistic outlook, it is the right time to grab the opportunity and develop the apps for the post-pandemic world. It would focus on the make in India and vocal for local objectives.

The article talks about the various opportunities for apps in different sectors to grab the ‘Made in India’ trend.

Grab the opportunity to get your app developed during the 'Made in India' trend

Healthcare to the lead way- Health Innovative health tech companies are on the verge of creating practical health issues by leveraging artificial intelligence, 3D printing nanotechnology, robotics, biomedical engineering, and other technologies to advance themselves. At the same time, start-ups should try and get the first-mover advantage by building such necessary apps. The tech start-ups should assess the risk factors associated before actually releasing the app. The technology should keep a tab on risk-prone individuals and suggest measures so they can adequately access medical resources.

A new path for mobility- There is a new definition of a highly connected globe in the current times. With the countries adopting the concept of globalization, even more, there is a need to adapt to the path for mobility as soon as possible. Especially the transportation system is the one which needs to get integrated with mobile apps to put an effective process into place at both the national and international levels. The phase of mobile trend apps will be significant for the future of urban mobility. The world right now needs apps that help in simplifying the process. It is the best time to come up with such apps, the ‘Need of The Hour.’ Thus, it’s time to pause and think creatively about enabling seamless and agile mobility systems.

The reshaping of the education sector- With the advancement in technology, there should be a thought invested into the adoption of online learning to enable both teachers and students to embrace an enriched digital experience. The majority of the schools and universities worldwide have re-vamped original teaching methodology to adapt to a contemporary digital classroom. So, by developing useful apps, one can offer classes for free. Online learning is the new phase of knowledge that needs to be enhanced to reap its benefits. We can conclude that technology-enabled education is the new normal of opportunity for app development.

Redefining the new normal of work from home- Work from home is the new standard adopted by almost organizations. The work from home concept has eventually emerged as a potential game-changer in the way the businesses want to function now. Thus, in the face of uncertainty, apps can be used by businesses to create an enabling environment for their workforce. The new rules of work have essential implications for workforce productivity.

Thus, the government’s initiative to promote ‘Made in India’ apps are in line with the government’s call of clarion for ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat.’ It is rather remarkable to see how the country’s app economy can do wonders with its potential and talent, and it is time to embrace it further by giving support.

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