Importance of Culture in Localization

Before moving on to the importance of Culture in Localization, we will first discuss – what is Culture.

Culture is the combination of different elements which are passed from one generation to another keeping the flair alive like – values, morals, beliefs, rules, rituals, knowledge, customs etc. These different elements which can be called as traits are both visible and invisible, visible traits are those like – the food items which have been in use for ages, the dressing style of the community, the tools and techniques etc. whereas the invisible traits are those like – beliefs, values, the way people of the community think etc.

Although both visible and invisible traits are very important to keep the essence of the culture alive but according to the Localization point of view, invisible traits carry more weightage. The marketing strategies of an organization largely depend upon the local area culture where an organization is seeking to launch its product or service. The apt adopted strategy would define the acceptance or rejection of it.

Importance of Culture in Localization

Till now we have understood the clear idea of Culture, now let us discuss its significance in Localization:

Arousing interest among the community members – It is the prime focus of the companies to localize their products or services in such a way which would give the feel of the culture, like :- creating your company’s website which shows the local cultural symbols, colors, pictures of their people etc. If the people can relate them with their cultures, definitely the outcome will be in the favor of success.

Public relations – Have you ever wondered why companies spend a large amount of money on the surveys before making marketing strategy of any particular region? Just to understand the local culture and to ensure the strong relationship with the local public. Because without understanding their values, beliefs, rituals, style of work etc. you would not be able to connect to them.

Expanding global reach – If you have already understood the culture of the region, you have implemented the appropriate marketing and advertising strategies, you would be able to connect to your target customers and would be able to make them aware and interested about your products and services.
This would certainly ease your way to expand your global reach and hence the increased market share.

Now let’s analyze the disastrous consequences of ignoring the culture or wrong interpretation of Culture:

  • Loss of potential customers and their trust in your company.
  • Rejection of your products and services in that region.
  • Reduced or no sale.
  • Loss of revenue.
  • The company may face legal charges also.

So far we have understood the importance of culture and the consequences if culture is ignored or misinterpreted, now let’s take some practical examples which will define how much the consequences can be disastrous if a company fails to consider Culture:

  • Xbox games received negative reaction in 2003 in Middle East when the company used holy Quran chanted in the background of the game. In Islam holy Quran must be handled with proper respect as it is believed to be the word of god. This lead the outrage among the Muslim community and the Quran followers due to which the complete rejection of the games took place and the company had to recalled all the games and had to face the loss of potential customers and loss of sales.
  • In Thailand where most of the population follows Buddhism, a film poster happened to be released showing a man sitting on the head of Buddha statue. A country where people are so sensitive towards Buddhism, an anger and rejection arose among the monks in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Malaysia demanding to change the poster and asking the people not so watch the film.

So to penetrate any region, an organization needs to understand the culture first and then implement the appropriate marketing and advertising strategy to make sure that the targeted customers are connected to your products and services which would lead to increased global reach and increased sales.

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