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5 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape the Marketing in 2019

Undoubtedly Digital Marketing has brought quite a revolution in the advertising industry. There would be no exaggeration if we say the trends have changed so meteorically that these have forced all the small and big brands to rethink their marketing strategies. Gone are the days when big companies had to rely on newspapers, magazines, billboards, and TV Channels for the promotion of their products, with emerging use of mobile devices and smartphones the marketing campaigns have become extremely flexible as one can define what kind of audience might be his possible customer and chose the strategy accordingly.

Emerging Technologies at Binary Semantics

The marketing scenario is expanding beyond the horizons at a phenomenal rate, here we are having a glance at some predictable approaches that are going to make a big buzz in this transition:

Better Ways To Find The Right Audience: Most of the companies have their own websites and smart apps to make a communication with the customers and in this era, it has been so easy to gather the demographic data of visitors. Now companies can target the right audience by setting the filters in their promotional campaigns. For example, if someone is selling a wedding photography service he doesn’t need to show his advertisement to a mass audience, he can show his best portfolio to those who are going to marry in coming months – wondering how, well, from search engines to social media platforms – everything that you use on internet tracks your demographic data, historical data, and personal choices. So, with expanding database it would be easy for corporates to minimize their advertising expenses by reaching the right and filtered audience that is most likely to buy their products or services.

Voice Search Will Dominate The Keywords Game: According to the recent studies and surveys, by 2020 the voice-based search queries will surpass the typed keyword searches. The advancement in voice recognition technology is expected to be more rapid in the coming year and consumers have already welcomed this convenience with open arms. Most of the companies will emphasize developing the technologies that will understand the local languages to stay ahead in their marketing race.

Virtual Reality Is Not A Distant Dream: The virtual reality has made its way so rapidly that it can be seen in almost every sphere of life. The emergence of VR has had been so influential that around 75% of the most popular brands in the world have amalgamated the VR into their advertising campaigns to date — and there will be no exaggeration in saying that VR is going to be one of the most powerful marketing tools in 2019.

Videos Will Dominate The Internet: Most of the brands have already embraced this fact but recent studies have predicted that videos are going to be stronger and more influential than ever in 2019 and will account for more than 80% of all the internet traffic. As the average attention span in the marketing spheres is too short, a self-explanatory video of a product or a service makes more sense than a thousand-word long product description, service review or blog post. So, it is evident that live video feeds will continue to storm the social media in 2019 but only the fittest will survive. Only the brands that will produce great engaging content will stand out.

Chatbots are on the rise: The 9 to 5 working hours do not make any sense these days, expanding globalized markets and customers overseas have pushed the brands to avail their services round-the-clock. Thanks to AI technology, Chatbots have emerged as saviors for the global brands that have franchisees in different time zones. The AI has become more efficient in recent years and has successfully replaced the need for a human in understanding and resolving the customer’s queries. The brands that will make their chatbots efficient and accurate will emerge as winners in the marketing.

Being ready for this transition is the key for the marketers and advertisers to thrive in 2019. The marketing trends will continue to grow and transform as the technology expands, staying ahead of the tech-trends would be the only way to keep your business in the game.