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5 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Business Through Mobile App

The little apps in our phones have revolutionized the current world. Right from the small smartphones to robust and sturdy tablet devices, we are seeing ‘Apps’ everywhere. Mobile apps are benefiting all its users and providing more opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their business. Mobile application development services are crowning fast in this the rapidly changing technology. It goes without saying that mobile application development is the new hot trend on in the market.

5 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Business Through Mobile App

There are different reasons for businesses to adopt a mobile application, but, our experts at Binary Semantics, have curated generalized reasons that will show you the rational significance of mobile application for both android app development and iPhone application development:

1. The Globe Has Gone Mobile

There is no denying that the world has gone mobile and there’s no turning back.

According to ‘Statista’, mobile apps are forecast to create a whopping $189 billion revenue through the app stores and advertising by 2020. As of March 2017, there were 2.2 million apps on Appstore and 2.8 million apps on Playstore available for the users making them the top 2 app stores in the world. Customers are utilizing their smartphones to have a virtual look at everything underneath the sky. The mobile applications, unlike ancient websites, thrive as an intuitive purchasing and browsing alternative creating the mobile app presence inevitable for the businesses to grow.

2. Accessible to Customers All the Time

An average individual spends over 2 hours daily surfing apps on his/ her mobile with reference to the fact that, solely a couple of applications make up most of this total usage time but the presence over the device is a future lead because the human brain does not keep things unnoticed.

3. Create a Direct Selling Channel

Through the mobile apps, businesses will be able to reach their customers directly, all knowledge they are willing to spread to their customers. Together with this, not to neglect, special sales and promotional content can also be made available at the customers’ fingertips. Through push notifications, business now can get ever nearer to a direct interaction, and might easily remind customers about their product and services whenever they are ready.

4. Build Brand and Recognition

A mobile application can be of the most contribution to any business’ ‘brand awareness’. A mobile app is a sort of a blank sign they can use it to promote their content in the manner they wish. The more often brands can get customers involved with their apps, the earlier they will be inclined to shop for brand’s product and/or service.

5. A Social Platform

With the increase of people’s obsession with social media. Integration of social options like comments, likes, in-app messaging and so forth in the personalized app will help your business improve its social standing. This will be any of the purposes like, users are able to review, share or discuss a product or developing a client community.

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