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5 Simple SEO Tricks to Increase Your Page Rank!

The beginning of search engine revolution started in mid-nineties. The quest for attaining instant success for businesses created the need for search engine optimization (SEO) within the bounds of search marketing landscape. Today, search engine algorithms are far more complicated and it takes a lot more than just the keywords to make your website count and move it up the ranking ladder! Isn’t it astounding that hundreds of complicated algorithms are working non-stop 24×7 to answer as many as 2.3 million search queries on Google every single second?

Search Engine Optimization

Such questions get you thinking about the complex back end nuances of these algorithms. Instead of trying to find answers to these questions, it is worthwhile to figure out all the possible reasons that justify the existence and basic objectives of search engines, which sums up as a mode to connect users with the best matching answers to their queries! It is pertinent to mention that if your web content qualifies as a worthy piece of information matching user’s query, the search engines would be happy to present it.

5 key factors which can make your website produce desired SEO results

1. An appropriate answer is a must: The core job of a search engine is to find the right answers to these questions and serve them to the users. In fact, every search result is an answer in itself! While there are millions of answers readily available, search engines produce only the best and reliable matches! To generate the best answers, the first crucial step is to understand exactly what are users asking? For the best answers three factors must be considered and they are: keyword research, unique content and promotions.

2. Website should be mobile friendly: In today’s world, most search queries happen over mobile devices including smart phones and tablets than desktops. Mobile devices, which offer a perfect on-the-go experience, have created a new revolution in the virtual world. The affordability of mobile devices makes them a readily available user friendly commodity. The quantity of these tech gadgets is slated to develop exponentially in future. Therefore, making versatile enhancement, a need, for each business in present landscape is an unquestionable requirement!

3. Technically Robust is one of the main features: Search engines ensure that websites that are technically robust are rewarded these websites can offer an overall good user experience. Imagine this, you’ve just come across an incredible article after a random search on the internet and are keen to read it. Though the content appeals to you, you are still disgusted with the whole browsing experience. Why? Because the web page took terribly long time to load, image quality wasn’t good, the embedded video failed to load altogether and various in-text links were broken! Would you ever need to visit that site again? Maybe, never! In the event that, your site is confronting any such issues, it’s an ideal opportunity to settle the following:

  • Page load speed.
  • Optimize audio/visual media.
  • Broken links.

4. Optimization is the heart of SEO: Different users type different queries. Each query is a question and every result is an answer. Some people might search with specific details and if the results are contrary to their needs and wants, they are sure to call it an unpleasant experience. Thus, there is a compelling need to optimize with respect to the context and intention behind the search query. This actually gives a superior opportunity to reach the target audience in a substantially more extensive way. This proves that Optimization is called as the heart of SEO.

5. Ease of Share: Social media plays a significant role in the process of marketing. There is a strong connect between social signals (comments, shares) and organic search rankings. Social signals directly indicate the value and worth of the web content. That’s precisely why search engines generate results that conform to social signals. Thus, it makes sense to say that web content should contain different social share buttons, offering the users, ease of share.