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Android based Home Automation System: Connectivity Challenges

There have been attempts to standardize the forms of hardware, electronic and communication interfaces between the device and central hardware component needed to construct a home automation system.


Android can take the advantage of Home Automation to next level. It can be linked with the hardware through following ways and can make your task lot easier:

Home Automation

1. Wired Communication: Using Ethernet / Serial Cable: Even though this option doesn’t provide mobility with the devices, yet it can leverage the robust operating system of handheld device for convenient usage at kiosk. In this architecture, the app is connected with Building Management System Hardware through the serial devices using the serial cable and displaying the updated status of various channels.


2. Wireless Communication: Using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: You can utilize the Wi-Fi internet connectivity between the hardware and android device to manage your household electric system. It helps you leverage the quintessential mobility power of android. The app can be installed on multiple android device at a time and can be managed by multiple people connected with the WI-FI Network. You can select the comfortable seat in your house and manage door, lighting, TV, refrigerator, HVAC with finger tips.


3. Web Communication: Remote Home Automation using Internet Service on Smartphone: You can use the Smartphone Application for android devices and can control the household lighting and electric appliance, with a touch of a button. This architecture involved information exchange between the Hardware and the android app using internet service using Mini Server or through cellular communication. The android app can send signal through cellular communication infrastructure to the central hardware component to which all the devices are connected.


Binary Semantics have developed an Android App for intelligent building automation. The android app developed is connected with Building Management System Hardware through the serial devices using the serial cable/ Wi-Fi connectivity of the device could also be enabled, displaying the updated status of various channels. The application developed allows to:

  • Send and Receive data
  • Exchange of monitor data between serial devices
  • Open as many serial ports as you like
  • Change in Serial port settings dynamically without necessity to close and reopen current port
  • Adjust baud rate, flow control parameters


This android application was integrated in intelligent home automation system developed by a leading Embedded Hardware Design and Semiconductor Company.