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Application Migration: Challenges and Benefits?

Application migration is a process of porting application programs from current operating environment to another environment. Migrations of applications to better environment is a tedious process, as apps porting for specific operating environment may pose challenges when migrated to a different environment, though it does have its benefits as well.

When is the need for Application Migration?

Application Migration is something done to improvise the existing system to enable it to support and overcome the challenges that may come for the following reasons:-

  • Intrinsic necessity to upgrade functionality and accessibility
  • Compelling Business Needs
  • Emergence of modern and Destructive technologies
  • Government Regulation for technology usage


Application Migration Process

Application Migration Process

Application Migration Challenges:

Most apps are programmed for particular operating environment and to plan for porting/ migration of existing legacy to targeted platform or environment and maintaining the same functionalities and performance is a big challenge.

Even on cloud platform, applications developed aren’t portable and various cloud platforms such as Google App engine and Windows’ Azure can’t be easily migrated. Following Elements are to be taken care while planning an application migration:

  1. Operating system
  2. Management Tools
  3. Networking Architecture
  4. Storage Systems
  5. Virtual Configurations
  6. Programming Language

Another challenge is to choose the operating environment to be ported into, should have the complete knowledge of the environment to where application programme to be migrated, which should be easy to migrate and application programme can be developed further to get maximum out of the newer environment.

Definitely, Cost involved in porting may also vary considerably depending upon the chosen environment. An experienced Service provider may be helpful for migration process and it may suggest the reliable solutions that can last over a period of time without denting too much on your pocket.

Application Migrations benefits:

Never technologies implemented are always expected to be faster, reliable and cost effective.

  • Non-disruptive process
  • Minimal disruption
  • Reduction in overall cost
  • Increased agility
  • Faster processing
  • Increased productivity
  • Easily adaptable systems
  • Increased security

Application Migration Consultancy for:

  • Java Migration
  • .Net Migration
  • Oracle Migration
  • Database Migration