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Benefits and Our Advantage of Java Application Development

Java is a computing platform and programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, the goal was to create platform independent language and operating systems for consumer electronics and for both application programming and for web. Java revolutionized the way we communicated on web in early part of internet, through applets.



Java has matured in over the years, for last 20 years it has gain the reputation of a language which is very secure, relatively fast and robust and most importantly which made java famous is platform independent. Today most critical application are designed and built on java, though its popularity has diminished little bit in last decade because of emergence of other programming languages who have taken leaf out java’s programming architecture but still java rules the roost in enterprise domain, especially in banking and other critical java application and java web development.

Google has chosen java as its Android app development language because of its performance, security, better memory management through automatic garbage collection.

JAVA : Java(core), J2EE

Tools : Eclipse IDE, Net beans

Technologies : JSP, EJB

Frameworks : Struts, Turbine, Tapestry, Spring, Grails, Maverick

Our Advantages

We have a team of highly professional and experienced Java Programmers.

  • Proven capabilities and expertise in Java Software and Java web applications development.
  • Necessary documentations, testing and quality analysis.
  • Project Methodologies – Agile Software Development, Waterfall Model.

Single stop solution for development and maintenance for java application & web based projects.