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Blend of Speed and Accuracy in Localization

Ever wondered what is the co-relation between speed and accuracy in localization? Does the question about the need for speed and accuracy bother you ever? Why should a translator or entrepreneur focus on localization?

We have tried to sum up these queries for you in this article. But before we touch upon the subject let us understand the crux of the entire process beginning with localization itself.

The technical definition of Localization puts it as the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local look-and-feel. Localization is also sometimes referred to as L10. Every business is conscious about creating products and services, which can easily don local flavors and be adopted in accordance with localization procedures. It is important for a business to facilitate the use of localization in terms of growth and expansion. In a lay man’s terms localization is equal to translation. Translation comprises translation of written material and interpreting services from one language to the other. However, in the real sense, translation is just one of the components of the overall process. The best way to explain this is that an Indian company is planning to spread its wings in the Europe and considers Germany and France as potential customer markets. It has to be sensitive to the cause of the local factors like language, color, demography, cultural history, product name, services, time zones money and national holidays etc. Thus their online presence through the web and mobile too needs to speak the local language, a must to reach out and express themselves. It is thus pertinent to avail the localization service to be ready to serve clients in Germany and France.

The Need:
The need to hire professional localization service is to offer valuable information about your company, business, products and services in a language that your clients understand well. Simply put, you can’t speak English in an Arabic dominated demography or talk in Hindi amid the Chinese speaking populace. Does that mean you should discard the idea of expanding your business outside the comforts of your own website, culture and language? The answer is a big NO. This is precisely where you should head for a specialist that offers localization services. They help your business adapt well to the local environment thus giving it the much needed local makeover, which certainly adds as a catalyst to inform and entice potential customers. Well, you may think about translating the entire website on your own but only if you are well versed with the language, grammar, culture and sensibilities of the said place! Else go ahead and approach the experts!

Accuracy in Localization

Speed and Accuracy:
After having mentioned about the need to avail localization services let us jump over to two very critical components of localization – Speed and Accuracy. Speed is a factor, which guarantees the work assigned is completed within the set deadlines. What is the point in making a commitment that you can not later meet? Thus it is important that translation experts are quick to wrap up their translation on time. Winding up a job on time or well ahead of time certainly ups your credibility and worthiness. On the other hand a translator has to be cautious about the underlying distractions that could potentially effect his speed, which in turn can hamper the overall business prospects. A translators job may appear to be fun at face value but the truth is that it is not as easy as it seems. While he has to maintain the necessary speed and battle various constraints, on the other hand his deliverables should match on the accuracy meter. Thus there is a compelling need to create a perfect sync between speed and accuracy. No work is complete if it

is not accurate no matter how fast you deliver it! A perfect job is done when speed and accuracy work in tandem with each other and compliment one another throughout!

Why Bother About Speed and Accuracy:
Speed and accuracy are both good for the business. Some benefits of blending the two together include:

  •         Saves time and trouble of reworking
  •         Work done within set deadlines
  •         Eliminates discrepancies and reduces redundancy
  •         Earns happy customers
  •         Wins more business
  •         Commands praise and enhances chances of word-of-mouth publicity


Translation industry is huge. As per reports its worth in the year 2012 was estimated to be at $33.5 billion and expected to swell to a whopping $37 billion in 2018. At present, United States is the leader in translation market while Europe and Asia are fast catching up as competitors. There is a clear scope for growth in the industry thus the need to set your business standards in place is compelling. And if you are equipped with speed and accuracy both, then you stand a change to expand your sphere anywhere, anytime!