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Business Forecasting: Nurture Growth under Complex Business Environment!

“You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.” Michael Jordan

The high standards, intricate business challenges and the complex business environment like a withered face of an old lady are the daily face-offs for research scholars, analyst, consultants and business entrepreneurs. Surely, the competitive business environment of 21st century has given lot of lessons to business community to be knowledgeable, more informed and be on toes all the time. Companies need to be one step ahead of its competitors. They need to understand not only current market conditions but predicting near future business scenario.


Business Forecasting is widespread practiced by business decision makers to manage the uncertainties under the complex business environment that can predict the future to keep abreast the completion. There are many fundamental issues that can affect the organization’s ability in future. Forecasting can reduce the risk in all decision making processes, as many decisions need to be made under uncertainties, and help any enterprise in taking the informed decisions. In the field of business forecasting and planning, sound analytical and mathematical acumen are prerequisite. Choosing the best available programs and software for business forecasting required to completely understand the complexities of predicting and planning the future course of action is vital.


Business forecasting is an essential part of the decision making process of management, as it plays vital role in defining the progress of company. As per the business need and tactical business planning, the business can be forecasted for short term, medium term and long-term objectives. Though it all depends on specific application an organization is implementing and kind of forecasting its management needs to perceive for its future growth.


The software solution for business forecasting can take all the uncertainties in account and provide the best course of action for the company. There are several tools that use mathematical calculations on organizational data and the external factors that can be utilized all together to map future business demand – supply, working capital etc. to make the right tactical decisions. Following business forecasting techniques are used by analysts, consultants and decision makers:

Short Term Forecast: (1 day to 1 year)
Can be implemented for scheduling of personnel, production, purchasing and transportation.

As part of the scheduling process, forecasting of demand are often required.

Methods: Trend Exploration, Graphical Method, Exponential smoothing.

Medium Term Forecast: (1 season to 2 years)

Can be implemented for staffing plans, aggregate production plan and needed to determine future resource requirements to hire personnel, raw material purchase, or buy equipment and machinery.

Method: Time series, Regression

Long Term Forecast: (> 5 years)

Can be implemented for facility planning, capacity planning, product planning are used in strategic planning. Decisions must take account of market opportunities, environmental factors and internal resources.

Method: Economic, Demographic, Market, Information Technology.

For any organization, which has a grow objective in this competitive business environment, where the decision makers are dealt with unexpected business dynamics that can abruptly change the scenario, there is a compulsory need of forecasting for right decision making.

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