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What can be Achieved after Implementation of SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very common term in web 4.0 where everything is connected online, all devices are connected to each other in real-time environment.

Example: If we need an accommodation in Delhi for a night, what we will do, is to search on mobile the search term “Book hotel at Delhi” you will get real-time results online and can book the hotel at any point of time. This means that our physical world is connected to the electronic devices and they are fetching real-time data making the world a dynamic and robust place to live in.

what can be achieved after implementation of seo


This means that if a user is searching for a query and is getting results online on the search engine. What if the user is searching a query and what if he is not getting search results that is where SEO comes in picture?

SEO implementation is where the work starts for a website. Initially, there is a deep market analysis and the niche of the domain, identification of the keywords which can enhance business, and after this we make a strategy or SEO plan that guides us through the implementation of the website.

SEO is done to a website in order to increase the usability of the website, better site structure as well as optimizing the on-page standards for your targeted keywords.

In other words, SEO implementation is the actual process wherein we are improving our entire website and make it more appealing to search engines so that it will be search engine friendly and user-friendly. Off-page is also a part of the SEO process, it also helps sideways to help your website rank better in search engines and helps achieve targeted traffic to your website

The following services are just a part of the SEO implementation process:

  • Improving website hygiene (Extra code, Large Files and Validation of forms)
  • Improving website speed
  • Improving breadcrumbs
  • Remove not found links, fixing internal link structure
  • Optimizing user experience and user design
  • Optimizing content and the keywords ratio
  • Creation of proper tags and description of each page
  • Link building and website acquisition
  • Brand awareness and Social Media Optimization


These are the process of SEO implementation, on-page and off-page as well as building your online presence.

So after SEO implementation has been done what we can achieve are as follows:

Organic Search Results:
Organic Search Results is the most premier part of website performance. This means that after the successful implementation of SEO we are getting organic traffic and we are getting listed in the Google SERP. This organic traffic is direct traffic to the website and these users are mostly potential customers as they are searching the web for their queries.

Brand trust and credibility:
Building trust and credibility online is really very hard thing to build. The goal of any experienced SEO is to build a strong trust and user experience.

Increased engagement and traffic:
With the increase in mobile traffic, local search has become a fundamental part of small and medium businesses. This has led to increased engagement of online resources and huge traffic to websites. As mobile is handy to everyone. Getting the search just on the tap of a click a user is able to search the web and by this it engages users online.

Keywords tracking:
We can track our page via Keywords tracking and we can get our page listed on that search keyword. Keyword research is a very crucial and elementary step to identify the exact keywords that a business should target.

Quality content:
Making websites content unique and specific. The content is written on the website to give user a good user experience and rank well on search terms in Search engines SERP.

Links building:
We can build quality do-follow links so that we can build trust and credibility.

Keywords for each page:
Each page is unique with regard to content and heading of the page, and each page must focus on one keyword so that you can rank on the particular keyword.

Fast Load time:
It’s very important to load webpage fast. If the webpages are not fast it increases bounce rate and that is not good for the websites. So it’s very important to have good servers and load uptime. On an average, a user waits for 2 to 5 seconds to load websites. If any website is taking long to load the user don’t wait for it to load and leaves.

Achieve goals in analytics:
We can achieve goals in analytics. This means that we use goals to measure how often user’s complete specific actions. It also specifies how well your website or applications fulfill your target objectives.

SEO is considered new age marketing technique and the implementation of SEO on a brand’s website is always beneficial to that brand. SEO will constantly deal with new ways of searching. There is always a need to search for information and the questions we ask every day to our search engine and we get answers in the form of search results.

Author: Aasim Bashir
SEO Expert
Binary Semantics