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Must Have Traits of a Linguistic Consultant

Who is a Linguistic Consultant? Linguist Consultant is a specialist trained to deliver a range of professional services including consultations, studies and experiments. These activities are purely based on language.


Translation and Localization

Thin line separating Translation and Localization

How many of you are aware about the difference between Translation and Localization? Translation and localization have a lot in common as well as a lot of differences between them.


Diversification of Languages

Diversification of Languages and Their Dialects

Language is the most crucial aspect of the process of localization. After all, the entire process revolves around translating text, audio-video and graphical content from one language to the other.



Top Five Key Aspects of Localized Content

Overview Localization is the process of translating content into a local language within the frameworks of social, legal, religious, political and other aspects. It is not just about translating content



Misconceptions in Localization

Localization is about translation, true but is it just about translation? The answer is a stern NO. Localization is no more confined to the cliche word translation. Thanks to the