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Comparing the Big Daddies of Content Management System

We are living in a digital age where the good old statement “Content is King” holds true and in a much compelling way than we can ever imagine! There has been a paradigm shift in the manner, in which businesses operate today, thus making web presence an indispensable part of the entire scheme. The need for content has further created a demand to manage content on websites. This has, in turn, created the need for Content Management System (CMS). So, technically if we talk about CMS, then it’s basically an application, which facilitates the development and modification of the content published online.

Content Management System

Market offers a huge variety of Content management Systems at your disposal. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, these three are the most used ones. Your choice, however, depends on various factors, including your needs, CMS versions (advanced), built-in language, user profile, etc. Finding that perfect CMS, which suits your business, can be a tough job, after all, the options are plenty. Each CMS has its own features and usability. While some are easy to install, others score the edge for their functionality.

Each website strives to use a CMS that’s easy to use and facilitates editing without having to bother much about coding. In this article, we have compared WordPress, Joomla and Drupal- The big daddies of the CMS world. As we delve further, we hope the comparisons will give you reasons enough to choose your CMS wisely.

Have a look on the comparison:

1. WordPress

A wonderful choice for starters, it offers the much needed ease-of-use. It is a popular option for blogs, small E-commerce stores and small to medium sized businesses.

2. Joomla

Works exceptionally well for social networking sites and E-commerce portals. However, it requires the users to be familiar with the basics of technical knowledge.

3. Drupal

Difficult yet powerful! However, requires the users to be familiar with the fundamentals of PHP, CSS and HTML.

Get, Set & Go: Comparison Begins!





Date of Release








Free Themes

Approx. 2,000+


Approx. 2521+

Free Plugins

Approx. 27,000 +

Approx. 7,000 +

Approx. 24,000 +

Single Click Installation




Manual Installation (Time)

5 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

Updates Offered

7 days

10 days

7 days

Ideal Usage

Blogs, small to medium sized websites & corporate websites

Social networking sites & E-commerce sites


 The choice of the right CMS for your business entirely depends on you. We at Binary Semantics suggest you to compare before arriving at the final decision.