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Curious Case of Drupal CMS for Website Development!

Drupal has been into the business since its initial release in January 2001. It continues to fascinate the website developers just like its hard core competitors and peers in the same domain. Written in PHP this caters to the online community with fervor and continues to grab attention for various good reasons. However, there is no doubt that it is facing stiff competition in the battle of the survival of the fittest. Despite the challenges, there are some intriguing facts about Drupal that set it apart from the rest.

Drupal Development

Curious case of Drupal CMS

Drupal, doesn’t this name sound a little funny? Well, then hear us out. There is an interesting story behind its name. Here it goes. World famous Drupal CMS got its name by mistake. It’s founder Dries Buytaert spelt the word village in Dutch language wrong. He wrote drop instead of dorp and boom popped up “druppel” (in Dutch) which later on evolved as Drupal, that you and me know it as today.

Basics that Drupal offers as an open source CMS:

  • It is apportioned under General Public License (GNU)
  • Supports back-end framework ranging from personal blogs to government, political and private websites
  • Widely used for business associations and cognition management
  • Easy to use with smooth user interface
  • Supports account registration/maintenance, RSS Feeds, menu management, page layout customization, taxonomy and system administration
  • Drupal core can be installed in the form of a simplistic website, single/multi use blog, web community, online forum that specifically cater to user-produced content


Let’s delve deeper into the distinguished features that set Drupal apart from the rest of the available CMS:

  • Almost 2.1% websites worldwide use it as back-end structure
  • If records are to be believed, by April 2015 Drupal commune has already successfully delivered about 30,000 modules
  • These modules cater to the needs of alteration and extension of core capabilities
  • They modules also modulate the conduct and visual appeal of Drupal sites
  • Drupal community is proud to boast of ever growing membership comprising over a million members and 31,000 developers
  • Drupal is treated as a web app framework as it qualifies the criteria with ease
  • It is known for its super flexible approach
  • Used widely across the globe as it has been translated into 90 languages including Hebrew and Chinese
  • Well, Drupal also has attracted the fascination of the humorous, internet-language called Lolspeak
  • Helps create Facebook landing pages/ applications
  • Assists in developing a mobile-friendly, responsive website
  • Supports all your website SEO needs
  • Integrates maps into the core website with ease
  • Offers amazing customizeable solutions
  • Pretty stern on security issues, no compromises on that
  • Allows seamless photo and video integration, zero hassles here

Boasts of high-profile clients

Drupal is not just popular amongst the masses. It has amused a lot many high profile clients including the office of President of the US Barak Obama. Some of the A-listers using Drupal to create their websites include:

  • President Obama’s official website –
  • We the People
  • Tesla Motors –
  • Timex –
  • The Economist –