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Dear Companies, You are losing your valuable customer using Windows Smartphone!

Today, we are living in a highly competitive world where technology is evolving very fast. The meaning of business sustainability has also changed. Now, any business that wishes to grow exponentially should have an online presence. Online here doesn’t restrict the boundaries to web alone. It also means the penetration into hand-held devices that comprise mobile phones and tablets. On a lighter vein and in an irony of sorts it is amazing to know that the world has more mobile phones than computers! Yes, exciting as it may sound, organizations should take cues from this reality and focus on creating a customer base out of smartphone users.

Windows Phone Apps

Mobile Apps for all!

On a practical note mobile phone application is a tech terminology symbolic of apps that function on all hand held devices including smart-phones. Whenever a business or service provider thinks about going mobile, he has to consider at least four primary platforms viz. iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. However, it is sad that over the years, the battle of the platforms has shifted focus to iOS and Android. So much so that Windows users somewhere feel left out of the gambit. While we agree that the decision is an exclusive discretion yet showing bias toward a particular platform is surely set to harm one’s own business prospects.

Why the bias?

The fiery battle of survival on mobile platforms is sure enough picking up very quickly. Ever other business/service provider looking to venture online is targeting smartphone/device users. However, with the passage of time their focus has shifted from all-platform to iOS/Android only. While they willfully ignore Windows users forgetting the fact that it still consumes a fair market share!

Market Share: Comparison

It is interesting that even though Windows continues to grab a strong hold on the market share in the hand-held/smartphone category, yet many businesses choose to leave it out of their purview. Below is a breakdown of market share comparison on year to year basis. These figures have been borrowed from the website

Predictions for the year 2014

  • Android – 49%
  • Windows – 14%
  • iOS – 11%
  • Others – 26%


Predictions for the year 2015

  • Android – 59%
  • Windows – 14%
  • iOS – 11%
  • Others – 15%


Predictions for the year 2016

  • Android – 63%
  • Windows – 15%
  • iOS – 12%
  • Others – 10%


Some Examples

Various businesses in India and abroad function on go-mobile formula. However, certain companies do make the mistake of ignore the wealth of market potential offered by Windows platform. We have compiled a list of top rated mobile apps across industries that choose to ditch the Windows platform. They have willingly ignored Windows platform and thus stand to lose out on a considerable chunk of market and customers. These include:

  • Yahoo Mail
  • Tinder
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • GrubHub


The Message

No matter what the business is having a presence across all platforms including Windows is a must for all the reasons mentioned above!