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Be Future Ready: Follow These Social Media Trends

Social networks have been around for only a decade or so but given their immense popularity, it is hard to imagine a day without them. Social Media has penetrated deep into business world. Businesses find social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy. On the other side, the presence and dependency of social media has increased manifolds.


Internet offers a highly volatile environment. As such the trends keep fluctuating in accordance with the pulse & mood of the market, demand & supply, customer preferences and various other factors. Let us delve into some social media trends of the future that will help businesses stay ahead of competition and boost their prospects online. Keep these five social media trends on mind to prepare a robust marketing strategy for the growth of your business!

1. Live Streaming

YouTube, the undisputed king of recording, uploading and viewing videos is facing stiff challenge from mobile phones. As far as trends are considered, live mobile broadcasting is making a splash. Facebook and Twitter, the two social media giants are engaged in wooing customers to use their service. While Facebook offers Live, Twitter has Periscope and interestingly both Live and Periscope have found a footing with the users. The world is moving from recorded to live streaming.

2. Social Media Influencer

Bloggers are making a change on the internet. It would not be wrong to say that the advent of social media platforms has created a sect of global topic tribes. Bloggers not only create content across domains such as food, fashion, parenting, wearable and travel etc. but also earn huge following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their earn goodwill through the credibility and authenticity of their content. Since internet is clustered, brands are engaging Social Media Influencers with monetary benefits to pass on the desired messages to their customers.

3. Social Media Consolidation

Social Media is a highly competitive space. Social media marketing is the new buzz and marketing strategies of the future will necessarily be incomplete without the consideration of social media. Various social media giants are consolidating social media platforms and this move continues unabated. Facebook now owns WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus Rift. Likewise Periscope is now a part of Twitter. LinkedIn is a Microsoft entity. Corporate giants are stepping into the social media space and this trend will continue unabated. It’s time to rework on social media strategies to turn the results into your own favor.

4. Personalization is the New Game

Tools are getting smarter and defiance towards advertising is getting higher. It’s difficult to capture the attention of the users & customers, except that personalized content is proving to be the real game changer. Personalized content and advertising delivery is creating a niche in the inbox of customers. Location and personal interests of customers are helping in chalking out a digital marketing strategy with higher rate of conversions. Automation of digital marketing helps deliver relevant content to the right customer, at the right time.

5. Organic Makes Way for Paid Traffic

Organic traffic is making way for paid traffic on social media. Earning Likes on Facebook and Followers on Twitter is a sign growth through organic medium and does not require one to shell out money to pay a hefty advertising price. However, this seems to be a thing of the past. Facebook and Instagram seem to be getting aggressive about advertising and seem to be removing chronological updates on timelines., which leaves you at their mercy unless of course you are willing to pay a price. Thus, it’s time to widen the scope of marketing on social media platforms and at the same time explore more avenues!