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The Future of Retail Belongs to Just Walk Out Shopping Stores

Online shoppers boast of wonderful shopping time without having to go battle long and tedious queues at the checkout counters. Think again! No doubt online shopping saves you from the trouble of standing in long queues and promises an incredible on-the-go shopping experience. Apart from shoppers, e-Commerce platforms and website/mobile app development & service providers too are reaping the benefits of this massive digital wave! Candid confession- Sometimes we can’t seem to thank our luck for being born in this digital era! So much as some people harbor love for online shopping, there are some who prefer the traditional brick & mortar way of offline shopping.

Amazon Go: Dreams to Reality

Amazon has introduced the world’s most advanced shopping technology! Yes, as good as it sounds to be true, Amazon, the e-commerce & cloud computing company is all set to revolutionize traditional means of offline shopping by doing away with checkout counters! Incredible, isn’t it? Sounds like a concept for the 2020s – but the first store is opening in Seattle in January 2017. Now, let us try to decode Amazon’s outlandish philosophy behind this idea. Amazon Go, as it is called, is set to spin the world with this revolutionary intent, all for the sake of making shopping a hassle free exercise. While most of us can’t imagine getting out of a store/mall without encountering long queues at checkout counters, amazon is treading on a path led by innovative technology and robust thought process. Amazon Go, the e-Com giant’s state-of-the-art retail venture aims at streamlining convenience like never before. The first outlet spread across 1800 sq. ft. in Seattle, United States is a reiteration of Amazon’s commitment to deliver the best of technology packaged in consumer delight. Most amazing take away from this venture is the fact that checkout-counter-less shopping is indeed the future of retail! Though an experiment, if this concept strikes a chord with the consumers, the world would be headed for a no-frills shopping experience.

Benefits of Checkout Free Shopping:

1. Hassle & worry free shopping guaranteed.
2. No checkout counters.
3. No long queues to fear about at checkout counters.
4. Zero waiting time.
5. Never-before experience and shopping delight.

Innovation at Retail

It’s fascinating to see e-Com technology innovating and improvising to offer more convenience than ever to customers. Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology promises an autonomous, no frills, checkout-counter-less experience to shoppers. This is the outcome of a combination of groundbreaking thinking, perseverance, hard work and dedication, to reward customers with an exceptional shopping delight. It sure is a revolution to preserve the flavor of offline shopping for customers who like to stick to traditional old means of making their purchases. Some of the technologies powering this innovational philosophy comprise sensor fusion, learning and computer vision. Interestingly, these technologies are also powering self-driving cars!

Future of Tech-Powered Retail

One earnest attempt to revolutionize retail industry and make offline-shopping experience more convenient is here to stay! Experts believe checkout-free shopping involves motion-capturing cameras and beacon technology. Then futuristic upgrade of brick and mortar way of selling certainly looks bright. Given the fact that we live in a digital era and retailers are open to tech-adaptation, reiterates this fact. It’s a long way to go however; one step forward today will prove beneficial tomorrow!

The Challenge

The biggest challenge so far is to ensure an error-free checkout. We hope this experiment turns out to be a huge success so that our future brightens up with the best of technologies and innovations!