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Google Allo – A New Smart Messaging App!

Social Media is a highly competitive space. Day after day, more people are pledging their addiction to social media thus giving a ray of hope for tech giants and innovators to create and improvise new & existing products. In line with its growth plan tech daddy Google has official launched Allo on 21st September 2016, a rival to tackle the unabated growth of WhatsApp, the cross platform chat messenger? Now that Google Allo has finally made its presence felt, it’s time to expect competition and whole lot of interesting marketing to woo potential users. At face value, Allo is seen as the rival to WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. No, it is not here to substitute Hangout. Allo is a standalone app available for Android and iOS users.

google allo

The big question that arises here is how Allo different from a flurry of messengers that have made our Android and iOS phones their home? Well, here it is. Allo is packed with built-in feature of machine learning thanks to Google Assistant! Simply put, Google’s virtual assistant helps make Allo a “smart” messaging app, making conversation a flawless activity by learning over a period of time. This in turn will not only make chatting easy but productive as well.

Sounds good? 7 Good Reasons to Try Google Allo!

Allo is an easy-to-use app. It offers Smart Replies and no, these are not the regular static template replies. Smart Replies are suggestions from Google Assistant, which is equipped to accustom itself with your choices through self-learning like it can retrieve information on nearby restaurants, movie times and even the weather to help you in making your plans. Thus, the replies will not be static response but personalized answers. Yes, these replies reflect the choices from your kitty of replies that you use often.

1. Google Assistant: - Allo allows users to interact directly with Google Assistant, without having to leave the app. By typing “@Google” in your chat window, you are launched into Google Assistant. Google Assistant is equipped to solve your queries from finding search results to pulling out humorous GIF. Google Assistant will remember your last choice and hence let you carry forward from where you left last time.

2. Mobile Sign In: - You can sign in with your mobile number instead of your Google account. A striking similarity to arch rival WhatsApp. This means Android and iOS users can independently create an account without having to bother about creating an account with Google and tagging along the Google ecosystem. Even if Allo is linked to your Google Account that will be for the sole purpose of adding a personal touch to the information collected by Assistant.

3. Voice Messages: - Just like its rivals WhatsApp and iMessage, Allo has an option for voice messages. All you need to do is press and hold the microphone icon, record your message and send it to the concern person/group. Allo also allows you to send a voice message in your conversation with Google Assistant.

4. Dozens of Expressions: - Allo features Expressions, amped-up emojis & stickers, which can be used during the chat. These stickers pump up the emotional quotient of your chat and help you express better!

5. Incognito Chat Feature: - Allo offers Incognito Mode, which makes end-to-end encryption and expiring chats for private conversations.

6. Animated GIFs: - It also caters to private notifications and facilitates the use of voice messaging and animated GIFs to your private conversations. You can also set expiry date to your private messages. No screenshots allowed for these messages. Encrypted messages can’t be stored by the recipients either.

7. Draw on Images: - If you like the idea of drawings, here’s good news for you. Allo allows users to draw, wait, that’s not it. It allows users to draw on images. Yes, that’s true. Users get the liberty to either draw on some portions of the images or have a roll with the entire photo. However, this feature is restricted to only the images that are being uploading. Sounds cool, yeah! You can do this by pressing the “+” button, then go to the images section (or click a new picture with your camera) and select the image. Where there is option to send the photo, you’ll find a button that lets you edit the photo. You get the choice of drawing with an array of colors and text.

Haven’t you downloaded Allo yet? Do it now to feel the difference from other messengers, after all, it’s a SMART messaging app!