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Grocery Shopping Made Easy: Thank Your Mobile App!

Technology is fast penetrating into our homes and is challenging our traditional habits. Change, as they say, is the only permanent law and this change is certainly for good. Gone are the days when one had to wait for the weekend or squeeze in time for tedious grocery shopping into an already hectic day. All this and more is now just a single click away. Yes, mobile apps for grocery stores are all over the internet. Whether you are an android, iOS or Windows users, there are apps waiting to be downloaded onto your devices. This emerging market segment is giving urban users the comforts from listing down daily requirements and stopping by a store to physically pick up the groceries. Some benefits of grocery mobile apps include the convenience of shopping at will, ease of browsing what’s in at the store, choosing the products, booking a delivery slot and suitability of payments.

People are now breaking free from the traditional shackles that restrict their shopping outings. Today, anytime, anywhere shopping is the new mantra and a game changer. It’s not just the customers who are reaping the benefits of mobile applications, even the service providers are making merry at the paradigm shift in the behavioral habits of Indian customers. A joint study conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) and Deloitte suggests that app downloads in India is set to grow from 1.56 billion/annum in 2012 to 9 billion/annum by 2015 thus witnessing a tremendous compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 75%. The revenues from paid apps is believed to rise to more than Rs 1500 crore in 2015 as against 900 crore in 2014. A boost of Rs 700 crore is simply astonishing! This growth is propelled by the ever increasing usage of internet on smartphones. Service providers’ expanding their 3G footprints and 4G venture announcements are two other factors for this compelling growth paving way for smartphone sales and thus app downloads.

Grocery Shopping

This is good news for all the ones who have or are planning to launch a grocery app anytime soon. Market is just perfect to get going with the brilliant idea and capitalize on the ever increasing customer demands. No matter whether you are an online retailer or just a retailer, the idea is to gain visibility and make your product information available to your customers. Hence, converting clicks into sales.

The motivating factor is that Indian tech industry is experiencing an upward growth, the benefits of which are ultimately passed to the customers. Happy customers ensure more growth and with a mobile app in place, chances are that you will generate more business at least in the time-strapped urban market segments. India is all set to become a world leader in the number of software developers by the end of 2017. At present, we are second only to the United States as an Android app development community. Our total app development strength stands at approximately 300,000. With a powerhouse of talent at your ready disposal, what holds you back from creating a mobile app for your grocery business?

By the end of year 2016, the number of smartphones is pegged at 200 million and the average data usage per subscriber is expected to double in India! With an overwhelming response to mobile apps, the market looks plums and is beckoning you to be the next one to reap benefit of mobile apps. Online apps like MeraGrocer,  LocalBanya, Grofers, BigBasket, PepperTap, AaramShop and ZopNow are making merry and money both and you could be next. Why wait then?