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Guidelines for Creating an Extraordinary User Interface Design

The line, which demarcates a great website from an ordinary, is called User Interface Design. Have you ever felt the compelling need to go back visiting a particular website again and again for the pleasure of browsing experience that it offers? Have you ever avoided visiting a website, no matter how meaningful it is, for the pain of having to endure a complicated browsing experience? This is precisely the difference between a massively successful website/app and a terrible website/app.

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User Interface Design (UI) is defined as the design of user interfaces for machines and software including mobile devices, computers, home appliances and electronic devices with primary focus revolving around maximizing user experience. Simply put, UI design is not only about sophisticated looks but also about seamless navigation and interactivity.

UI design plays a crucial role in determining your customers’ experience and retention. It also has a role to play in boosting your business profits! Let us look into the features of UI design that elevate a website’s status from being just ordinary to extraordinary.

Here we go:

1. Easy, Intuitive & Navigation Friendly

A user can enjoy a seamless and pleasant experience only if the website user interface is easy to understand & use, intuitive and navigation friendly. These factors equally contribute towards retaining a customer and having them come back for more. For most online retailers, UI design plays a decisive role in making sales through their website- desktop & mobile. A pleasant interface ensures customer delight, which boosts sales and customer retention!

2. Highly Responsive

An interface should be able to meet the agility and the speed of a user. An interface that fails to keep with the user and their speed draws them away from your website or application. A poor user experience is detrimental for your business and its growth. The interface, which is swift in action, establishes that much-needed connectivity with the users. A slow-interface is treated as a mirror to your business, services and quality.

3. Maintainability

A good UI should always have the room for accommodating updates and changes without any hassles. If your interface causes a conflict of interest, it reflects that you should rethink about it seriously. In case, you have an update to offer but the UI refuses to incorporate it without compromising any other feature or drawing much attention to it, indicates a major flaw in the design and needs immediate attention!

4. Clean & Clear

An interface that appears more like a clustered and complicated mesh of information certainly kills the desire of a potential customer to browse further. Even of your functionalities are top class but the interface is poor, you are sure to lose many customers. An interface has to be a visual delight for the customer to breathe easy. One should draw a clear distinction between concise and elaborate. In line with this, you should make elaborate descriptions only where necessary, to avoid cramming information into a given space.

5. Enticing& Appealing

An attractive design is no measure to judge the interface but it sure lends a complimentary hand in enhancing the overall appeal of your website or app. While poor design and functionalities are the true measures, aesthetic aspect sure helps to capture the users’ attention and engages them during their browsing sessions. Typography, color schemes, font size & color etc. play a significant role in offering a pleasant user experience.