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Interesting facts related to Joomla Website CMS: Here’s “How” and “Why”!

Joomla is a known name in the world of open-source CMS for Website development. A fully feature-loaded Content Management System (CMS), Joomla is no dance move. But yes, it is no less! Joomla and its striking similarity to the word Jhoom makes is a pretty interesting terminology. One of the most loved open-source CMS, Joomla is of course, making a lot of website developers’ dance to its tunes. No so bad ah! As interesting as it sounds, the history about its name is equally fascinating. The name Joomla is Swahili, one of the oldest surviving African languages. Really. It means all together or as a whole.

Joomla Website

 The Journey

Joomla was born August 17, 2005 and ever since has enjoyed a fabulous journey. This is a platform used by various organizations that wish to savor the vibrant flavors of online presence. Built on a model-view-controller web app structure, Joomla has it all to give competitors a stiff challenge. This framework is equipped with the capability of working independent of the CMS.

Interesting Facts and Features

Written in PHP, some of the most intriguing features of Joomla include:

  • As second most widely used CMS available it ranks behind only WordPress
  • According to Alexa Traffic Rankings 7% of total successful websites run on Joomla
  • Joomla has been translated into 64 different languages around the world
  • Well over 50 million software copies have been downloaded so far
  • 210,000 is the number of registered members who are pretty active within the official Joomla community
  • 9,559 is the number of extensions created by third-party developers
  • Over 8,000 free and commercial extensions are available in The Joomla! Extension Directory
  • It utilizes object-oriented-programming (OOP) methodology
  • Uses software design patterns
  • Stocks data in the form of MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Supports characteristics like RSS Feeds, News Flashes, Language Internationalization, Caching, Search, Blogs, Polls and Printable versions of pages
  • About 5 extensions are added to Joomla Extension Directory each day
  • witnesses a humongous traffic of 2 TB each month
  • Supportive of websites with an eCommerce orientation
  • It is really easy to install, convenient to work and convenient to operate.
  • Its user-interface is astonishingly smooth
  • Its admin panel is really cool, in the true tech terminology
  • One word that defines its default templates is – WOW!


Famous websites on Joomla platform

Joomla boasts of a high-end clientele. As per Google and Yahoo there are about 30 million websites worldwide that have been created on this platform. However, some of the famous websites that have been created on this platform include:

  • Linux –
  • MTV Greece –
  • IOTEX –