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iPhone Application Development – A Brief

It is evident for businesses to think of mobile application solution because of demand for in-pocket solution for customers. As more and more smart phone are introduced in market, the need to connect to the user through apps is also increasingly incessantly.

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we communicate through our phone, virtually everything is possible today through mobile phone as faster hardware coupled with sophisticated mobile operating system. With millions of third party applications that provide all kind of functionality, be it streaming video or audio, office applications, social networking apps, games etc. one spends majority of the past time using smartphones.

iPhone App for Retail Industry

In India, the majority of smartphone market is captured by Android followed by iOS powered iPhone. Since the introduction of iPhone into the market, it got great response from people and have very large loyal user base makes it prudent for companies to build iPhone application to connect with millions of iPhone users.

All this is due to the great looks coupled with amazing graphics produced by the hardware and top of the passionate user base which Apple always had but with iPhone the user base increased exponentially and it also set some benchmarks in mobile industry.

Mobile Application development is the fastest growing segment in software development which is evident from the fact that millions of apps are developed in last couple of years on every major mobile platform including popular iOS for iPhone & iPad.

Apple released iPhone SDK toolkit for programmers to develop iPhone applications, with inbuilt frameworks and that it support.

IPhone OS is divided in to four layers :- Cocoa touch, Core Services, Core OS). Each layer contain frameworks to be used to develop application program.

Cocoa touch: Base Framework, it contain the UI- Kit framework included event support, window support and user interface management. Most developers and programmers deal this layer.

Media: Framework provides the protocols to deal with video and audio build in iphone.

Core Services: Framework used in all data types and applications.

Core Operating System: Networking, I/O, memory management and kernel level programming.

With its prowess in software development, India has emerged as one of the major source for custom mobile app development services especially iPhone application development because of its vast pool of experienced software engineers. Off course, Gurgaon is the hub for software development services, mobile app development and ecommerce development in Northern India with pool of professional IT Services and Software Development Companies.