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Live Webinar on Oracle Crystal Ball Software


Discover all the exciting and powerful tools that make Crystal Ball a leading spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and analytics. By using advanced simulation and optimization tools you can make right tactical decision to reach your targets. Get insights into critical factors affecting risks using the real-world Case Studies and learn to present actionable insights to peers, management , or clients.


With powerful reports, charts and graphs, Oracle Crystal Ball analyze critical data and present credible picture of risk.


  • Get your simulation stats fast.
  • Strategic Planning with Predictive Modeling
  • Probability and Comparative analysis for better decision making.
  • Localization into Additional Languages



To know more about Oracle Crystal Ball Software, you can attend Live and Free Webinar about Oracle Crystal Ball on 30th April, 2014, Wednesday. Registration for Free Webinar is open now and you can Register online to attendĀ Live Webinar of Oracle Crystal Ball Software.