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Does Human Translation still have an edge over Machine Translation ?

Now a days organizations are striving for quick language conversion in no time but that will merely be a conversion of one language to another.
But do you think the Machine would be able to take emotions into consideration while conversion?

The answer is NO as the name itself explains that machine translation is one which involves translation of script/content in one natural language to another using the technological tools, backed by the huge data back, which may or may not include human involvement. Now a days MT is being used worldwide to communicate content in different languages, leveraging the capability of delivering content swiftly, that too as per locale. If we take a distant view the MT seems to be quite beneficial like providing the translation from any language into another language in no time but the actual scenario is somewhat different as it seems when compared with human translation.

global to local

The main difference between Machine and Human Translation is the lack of emotions which is a natural gift to humans which is ultimately reflected in their translation, where as in machines there is no emotions which results in the lack of emotions, creativity in its translation. But the above explanation does not prove the MT wrong at all, as it has improved and matured well in past few years by the continuous involvement of humans and by the incorporation of new tools and techniques.

But it does not mean that we will not be benifitted by it. It is entirely up to us, when and how to use it with proper human involvement as in the translation industry a small error could lead to hazardous consequences.

Let’s figure out how to reach its optimum performance:

When MT should be used?

As far as the artistic and creative flair is not required in the translation, MT is surely a wonderful option to be used as it provides ~85% accurate results for literal translation.
However, its output is quite fast with no time but the emotions and creativity cannot be expected from a machine in its translation and so not the accuracy is. MT can be an apt option for organizations who require repeated translated text but surely not for the organizations who cater language translation services which require human touch and emotions.

How MT can be used?

The matter of fact that the MT output cannot be taken for granted as far as the accuracy is concerned, so the human involvement is must which will decide where and how the MT output can be used for proper accuracy and to save time offcourse.

Benefits of MT

  • Quick translation retrieval in no time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Pre-translated segments can be used which are not leveraged by the Translation memory.
  • Less investment.

Now let us come to question again “Does Human Translation still have an edge over Machine Translation? ”

The answer is Yes but we can say that Machine Translation can be a wonderful option if it is used wisely wherever it is required and with proper human involvement to get the fast and accurate results.
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