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Must Have Traits of a Linguistic Consultant

Who is a Linguistic Consultant?

Linguist Consultant is a specialist trained to deliver a range of professional services including consultations, studies and experiments. These activities are purely based on language. Some of these tasks may be as exhaustive as digging into the history of a particular word or sound. Their job may also include finding that connect and relationship between ancient, foreign and modern languages. Their role may vary from industry to industry but the research and intensity of work remains same throughout this time consuming activity.

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Why do we need Linguistic Consultant in Localization?

Language has a pivotal role in localization. A language expert is well versed in his subject matter to deal with concerns and issues related to a language throughout the localization process. Being a specialist they offer their advice related to the words/phrases, which need translation or are in the process of translation for a marketing campaign. Even while localizing software into a foreign or a different language, their insights offer perspective and direction to the tasks at hand. Services of language experts might be heavy on the pocket but they are of immense value for the localization team. They ensure the work is channelized and flows seamless from one stage to the other. Simply put, a linguistic consultant helps you localize content, visuals and software etc. hassle free.

However, before you decide to seal the deal with your language consultant, make sure he/she has below mentioned attributes. We have compiled a list of traits of a Linguistic Consultant and you should ensure these traits before hiring him/her for the localization job. Here we go:

1. Professional Approach
Linguistic Consultants should follow a thoroughly professional approach with their clients. Their attitude should never be overshadowed or clouded with personal bias. They should restrict themselves to their job and never meddle or interfere with matters that are beyond their professional peripheries.

2. Time Management
Time is money and when you are hired for a time-strapped job, you should know how to manage time well. Linguistic Consultants should be open to changes and be able to accommodate their time schedules to conform to the project deadlines and budgetary allotments.

3. Fair Sense of Judgment
A linguistic consultant should have a fair sense of wisdom and judgment to deal with unforeseen situations and unwarranted problems. They should have the ability to restrict their opinions and conclusions until the whole scenario is unraveled. In all likelihoods, a highly judgmental person will not be able to do justice to the tasks and responsibilities delegated.

4. Team Player
A linguistic consultant should be a team player. He should be able to mingle with the localization team to understand their problems and challenges faced during the process. He should learn to value the skills and opinions of others as much as he values his own!

5. Communicator
A linguistic consultant should have the ability to communicate with the clients and his own team in a subtle manner without hurting the sentiments of his team mates or the clients. He should be stern with his instructions yet subtle in his mannerism. In short, he should b able to convey his messages in a language that is common to all.

6. Knowledge & Expertise
Linguistic Consultant should be an expert in his domain and follow a professional approach to all problems. He should never forget that he has been hired for his immense expertise and knowledge in the field, which certainly is more than the internal resources. He should be able to convert his knowledge and experience into positive results.

7. Good Listener
He should be a patient and able listener. It is pertinent that he give a patient hearing to all the problems, issues or discussions held with him. He should be able to encourage his team to be more communicative so that they together are able to find a viable solution to their localization problems.

8. In Sync with Roles & Responsibilities
He should be comfortable in his new role as a linguistic consultant. At the same time, he shouldn’t be oblivious to his responsibilities towards the localization team. He should be able to strike a perfect balance and deliver feasible localization solutions at the right time.

If your consultant has these qualities, you should hire him immediately to handle the critical localization tasks!