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Responsive Web Design: Future of Web Design & Development

More and more people are using internet for all sort of requirements, from working remotely or finding and connecting with their friends and family through social networking sites or doing shopping for their daily basic needs or luxury goods. Today everything is available on internet through websites which are catering to millions of request every minute.
Responsive Web Design

Websites are not just one way communication medium to disseminate informational and represent digital content about companies, rather it is becoming an interactive medium. It has equally become importance to ensure the interactive website with appropriate display on various devices with different screen resolution. In short the websites should be responsive to cater to devices of all resolution and this art of website design for number of screens sizes and devices to provide optimum user experience for all kind of devices and sizes is known as responsive website design.

In fact, people use different devices to access internet and information about almost everything, which off course will be offered by some or the other website. It is significantly important for you also to ensure your website responsiveness on different screen resolution. Your company web sites need to adapt and cater to all if they need to be ahead of their competitors.

The internet usage on mobile devices have surged in last few years and so is the need to adapt as per trend. In order to address all kind of screen resolutions websites needs to be responsive.

Does Responsive design matter?

Answer is very simple and straight forward, it matters a lot. Numerous stats have shown that more and more people are accessing internet through mobile and hand held devices then through traditional desktop and laptop. This trend is expected to increase many fold in coming years. To reach wider audience website needs to be optimized and available at all screen types and sizes.

Responsive web design challenges

To design single website for array of screen size and devices, from small to bigger screen is a challenging tasks as you have to strategically position the content. It requires careful planning and creating mockup design for each targeted screen size. All the design depends on content and how to present the given content in optimum user experience.

Understanding clients’ needs and Target Audience

It is very important for any website design and development company to completely understand the client’s requirements and their business, to provide appropriate UI across multiple screens. It also includes educating clients about responsive design aspect.

SEO benefits

Search engines recommends responsive web design to target mobile users but also favors mobile optimize website for its search results. Responsive website design helps in curbing website bounce rate as when the same content layout of a desktop website is presented to a mobile user, the shabby content layout may alleviate the user interest. Rather than creating new website for mobile users which can have stripped down content and major search engine will think of them as not relevant content inside website, one should prefer the responsive website design.

With better user experience your company website will get more visitors as it will cater to wider audience from both desktop users and hand held devices and your website will ultimately get higher raking.

Business Benefits:

In this competitive world, one don’t leave any stone unturned to look for an opportunity to find the customer and grow the business. If this is the case with you, then you cannot afford to neglect the importance of Responsive website design for your business as it gives you an edge over competitor to tap the mobile users.