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Six Compelling Apps That a Business Traveler Should Never Leave Home Without

Are you a business traveler who is on the run most of the times? Do you spend more time traveling for work than relaxing leisurely at home? Exploring new places and hotels during these business trips is a thrill in itself but at the same time long travelling hours, unpredictable weather, language barriers and hotel bookings can wreak havoc and make your business travels painful.

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Here are few recommended mobile apps that can make your business travels more fun

Frequent traveling for work demands that you pack your essentials in that tiny suitcase. However, we recommend you pack your smartphone or a hand held as well with apps that could bail you out of unwarranted situations in the future. Here’s a list of 6 apps that are a must for any business traveler. Here we go:

1. Travel Organizer
It makes all the sense to have your travel sorted with a ready-to-check itinerary. Isn’t it? That’s precisely why we recommend you download a travel organizer before your travel date and feed all important information about your trip including flight schedules, flight time, hotel bookings, business meetings, return date, casual lunch/dinner etc. What’s best, you can access this digital information anywhere, anytime on the go! You can look up to know what’s next and relax until it’s time to check that app again.

2. Weather Reporter
It is always advantageous to be updated with the latest weather forecast of the city that you are traveling to. What could be worse than traveling from a hot summer destination in the northern hemisphere to a freezing city in the southern hemisphere unknowingly? Why let the weather dampen the spirits and mood. Carry a weather forecaster in your phone and stay tuned to the latest weather news about your next destination. Advance weather information also facilitates you to pack your suitcase according to your next travel destination!

3. Language Translator
Are you traveling to a new country and are worried because you can barely understand or speak their language? Why worry when you have a hassle free option readily available with you. Just download a language translator to break those language barriers. Be ready to start your trip on a happy note with this incredibly helpful tool and travel the world with you best travel mate safely locked away in your handset!

4. Taxi Hire Service
Are you worried that your flight delay will leave you alone at the arrival gate? Why bother when you can download a taxi hire service in your phone and book your cab on the go. Download an app ahead of your travel because that will give you a fair idea whether this service is available in the city or the country of your travel. Just in case it isn’t, you should explore more options and fix a service that has international operations!

5. Hotel Booking App
This app is particularly recommended for travelers who have no time to make prior bookings and hotel reservations. You should download a hotel booking app that allows you to run through the inventory of the hotel and make last minute bookings without having to worry about a place to stay in a new city/country upon touch down!

6. Flight Comparison App
Flight comparison app is highly recommended for travelers who often end up traveling to a new meeting destination from their arrival city instead of home! Last minute bookings can get quite expensive and hence you should have this app in your phone, which allows you to compare fares across different airlines to one particular destination. When you are time strapped and have no time to confirm with your travel agent, this certainly is a great alternative!

These apps help slacken the burden of business travel to a great extent and at the same time ensure that you are not left in a lurch, just in case your ‘Plan A’ fails!