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Why is localization important for your business?

Localization is a term that is used very frequently in our day to day lives. But, do you know what localization actually means? Some say that localization is all about


Localization Challenges

In today’s world every organization is seeking to increase its global presence and increased market share, however the ways to achieve that might be different from organization to organization. But


Culture in Localization

Importance of Culture in Localization

Before moving on to the importance of Culture in Localization, we will first discuss – what is Culture. Culture is the combination of different elements which are passed from one


Cat tools for Localization

Role of CAT tools in Localization

In today’s modern age, also can be called as “Computer age” awareness of computer is far more as compared to any other time. Now computer is used not only for


Globalization Through Localization

In today’s era of globalization every organization tends to become a global market leader to increase its presence across the globe and off course for the increased profit margins. But